For the end of the world, we’re serving turtle pie ala mode

Suppose the world is facing an extermination event in two weeks. What would you do with your two weeks?turtlepie

That’s sort of the premise of the movie, Seeking a Friend for the End of World. While the movie itself is rather pathetic and I wouldn’t recommend it, the concept intrigues me.

My first thought when confronted with the idea of the world ending in two weeks is self-indulgence. That includes:

  • Spending time with my hubby
  • Sleeping in in the mornings
  • Eating whatever I want (like fudge, brownies, turtle pie, and all the chocolate ice cream I can – after all, what’s the point of dieting if we’re all gonna die?)
  • Reading (books, magazines, newspapers, everything – I love reading)

What I wouldn’t do:

  • Go to work (what are they gonna do, fire me?)
  • Worry about my weight
  • Worry about paying my bills
  • Plan for tomorrow

But then I spent a little more time contemplating the idea as if it were something that could actually occur and I wondered what about all those people who are alone? People who have no family and few or no friends, people who are perhaps bed-ridden or confined to their homes, people who maybe require some sort of medical intervention to keep them alive. Who will look after them?

Even if the world is ending in two weeks, is it fair, is it right to forget about those who can’t do for themselves? Self-indulgence is great, but wouldn’t it be even greater to be indulgent with someone? Instead of buying just one or two slices of turtle pie, why not buy a dozen turtle pies and share them with the folks in a homeless shelter or a nursing home?

And what about the home-bound people? Would their care givers still be on the job, or would they have opted for the self-indulgent route and so have left their charges to fend for themselves. And how would I or someone else get a list of these people and their addresses so that we could check on them and make sure that their last two weeks were as self-indulgent and fun as we wanted ours to be?

I have to admit, what started out as a simple and silly question, turned into quite a mental exercise. I’m sure that the opportunity to test my actual reaction to this type of news will never occur (at least not in my lifetime), but still…it was an interesting insight into my own mind and motives. And I hope that if the situation ever did occur that I would be as thoughtful and caring as I think I could be (even if it’s in my own self-indulgent way – turtle pie, anyone?).