They Get Paid for That?

1598R-10019499I just watched a show on the Science channel that explored the idea that our world and all of us in it are nothing more than a computer simulation created by some other beings “out there” somewhere.

While I’m all for exploring who we are, why are we here, and where did we come from, I found this whole concept ludicrous in the extreme (and I’m not speaking of the rap artist). These so-called scientists had spent years melding together theories from the Matrix movies and the movie the 13th Floor which they then submitted for grants and funding so they could produce little more than bogus formulas that proved only that they loved playing computer games.

Don’t get me wrong…I love a good theory as much as the next person. However, you had one Danish “expert” who was doing nothing more than videoing his world in an effort to capture THE GLITCH which would prove once and for all that we are nothing more than a computer simulation. His selling point is that no computer is massive enough, sturdy enough, or fast enough to constantly update the images we see as life without periodically glitching. So, he is determined to capture that moment when the programming stalls for that micro or a nanosecond, which means that he needs to capture his entire life digitally. (Of course, he ignores the fact that if some civilization is capable of creating such a realistic virtual reality as ours that they just might have figured out how to create a powerful enough computer to avoid those glitches.)

One scientist said he could prove that our world wasn’t really three-dimensional, that it was, in fact, only a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional world. That when the astronauts went into space, they were only moving beyond the defined structure of the computer simulation that defined our world and that’s why it was dark and empty. Ooooookay. (Perhaps, he needs more hugs…or a nightlight?)

Then there’s the expert who is convinced that if we use our peripheral vision to look at the edges of our world we will eventually see the grid that surrounds our world and holds us in place. (Does this sound as if he’s watched Hunger Games 2 a little too much to anyone?) As to where exactly we find these edges, I’m not sure. I mean, didn’t Columbus already show everyone that the world is round (or at least oval). Wouldn’t our space explorers have run into the grid when they blasted into space (or are we doing that the-moonwalk-was-a-fraud-thing again)?

Then there was the guy who spends his time surfing, but scribbles his formulas into the sand between waves (at least his theories don’t stay around long). For him, we’re all just avatars for those outside our virtual reality. Okay…but who are these beings using us as avatars? He doesn’t know, and does it really matter? (I suppose not, since there’s another wave coming which will wipe his theory off the beach anyway.)5387-Beach--8x10

One expert from Germany was using a type of heat sensor to find the energy grid that was the framework of our world.  While some theorist in the UK said he could point to the polygons found in everyday items (such as mountains and buildings) that he was sure were actually the foundation of the wireframes that comprised our computerized world.

As for me, I can disprove all of their theories with one question: Why would anyone create a virtual world in which the most exciting thing their characters/avatars do is watch TV, read books, and stare at computer screens?

About TA Sullivan

An author, writer, photographer, and fellow life traveler who offers her wit, wisdom, and stories with others who share her path, if even for a moment.
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