What Do You See?

An-EyeWhat do you see when you look in someone’s eyes?

When I look in someone’s eyes, the first thing I see is their soul age. The second thing I note is their role. (Every soul has a role or predominant trait that they bring with them from life to life. There are those who love to create, those who are born leaders, others who crave and thrive on attention, others who are reclusive and prefer studying and acquiring knowledge, some who live to serve others, and those who seek to serve a spiritual cause.) After that, I can usually grasp some of their predominant personality traits. (Sometimes, I can see traits that they never even realized they had, but once pointed out to them they usually nod and realize I’m right.)

These “personality traits and roles” I’m seeing are the filters that the person chose to view the world with. Each person chooses a set of filters before they’re born, and like a set of eye glasses, they slip these filters on and forget they’re even wearing them. The filters are primarily fear-based, and they color a person’s perspective regarding everything around them.

For instance, if one of your filters is stubbornness, you’re going to see every chance for change as something to be afraid of. That’s because stubbornness says that it’s better to stay where you are—you know it and it’s safe. Or if your glasses contain the impatience filter, then you’re going to see everything through the fear of missing out. You’ll be thinking of the next place you need to go or the next thing you need to do, instead of enjoying where you are and what you’re doing now. Eyewear

Because most of us don’t even recognize that we’re wearing these filters, we don’t realize that we’re letting fear color what we see and how we react. The glasses become such a part of us that we never think to take them off, either. So, we blithely continue to view life with these lenses that skew our vision all the while thinking that what we see is the “real world,” the “true world.” That is, until something devastating happens—such as a near death experience. Then the filtering glasses get smashed, or the lenses cracked, and suddenly you start seeing the world in a whole new way…with a lot less fear. But you don’t have to wait for some soul-shattering event; you can practice viewing the world without your glasses on your own.

Just take a few moments to set those glasses aside. At first, what you see may seem overwhelming. The world may appear blurry, with lights too bright and colors to sharp. So, you may only manage to keep the glasses off for a minute or two. But every time you try this, you’ll find that your vision adjusts more easily and rapidly; and you’ll find yourself wanting to leave the glasses off for longer and longer periods of time. Eventually, you may even find that you like things so much better without the filter of fear that you never want to wear those glasses again.  

About TA Sullivan

An author, writer, photographer, and fellow life traveler who offers her wit, wisdom, and stories with others who share her path, if even for a moment.
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