Just in Time for Summer Reading Enjoyment

GOS Front Cover - 6x9 - 150 PPI


Wow…the cover is done! I think it’s spectacular, but then DL-Designs and Digital Art has never let me down yet. If anything, the design process took a bit longer only because I couldn’t make up my mind. I absolutely drove the poor man batty with my “…try this over here…” or “…can we add some of that…” nonsense. But he put up with me, and the cover is wonderful.

I’ve placed the book with CreateSpace (for those who prefer paper), and I’ve got it out with Amazon and Kindle. However, I’ve brought in help to conquer the confusing and obtuse world of epub. I’ve waded through the instructions for publishing with Smashwords (oh, but those people need a competent techwriter to help them out with their guides) and still can’t seem to make it through their maze of rules without getting pinged somewhere along the way, so now I have help. I figure once it gets through Smashwords, Draft2Digital should be a breeze.

So, with any luck, and lots of manpower and technical help, I should have all e-formats covered by the end of the week. This leaves plenty of time for people to order a copy for their summer reading pleasure.






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