The Writer’s Game -Sample 1

The Shooter (a short story by DL Sullivan)

“I’m gonna count to 3, and then I start shooting!” I said.  The man’s grin widened with confidence as though he knew a secret that would ultimately save him.

I was determined to right the wrong he had committed on the little blond-haired girl standing behind me.  The look of sadness that suffused her small face had nearly broken my heart.

My face felt flushed from the anger I felt inside.  I couldn’t stand by and let this happen to this precious little girl without reprisal for the man’s callous actions.

I had checked the gun I grabbed from the top of the short wall separating us.  I smirked as I saw that he had changed the sight on the gun to shoot a little to the left of center.  My experience years earlier in the Special Forces came in very handy now.   I could have stripped this gun down to its individual parts and reassembled it with my eyes blindfolded.

His smile faltered as I counted, “One.”

The man’s seemingly calm, smug smile couldn’t hide the hint of worry on his face.  The corners of his mouth twitched ever so slightly in a nervous tick.  Sweat was beading on his upper lip despite the cool evening air.

I stared directly into his gray eyes as I counted, “Two.”

He straightened from his casual slouch.  His eyes darted from side to side looking for a way to escape his fate.

“Three,” I said with finality.  I quickly raised the gun, aimed a little to the right of center, and fired.

The man jerked violently when the gun went off.  The look of surprise on his face was a joy to see as the bell rang loudly, indicating I had hit the target square in the middle of the bullseye.

“We’ll take that giant teddy bear, now,” I said with a satisfied smile.

The carney looked dumbfounded as he reached for the bear sitting behind him.  I swear, I think the bear was smiling, too.  With a look of defeat on his face, he took the bear in both hands and slowly handed the bear to me over the short wall of the booth.

I turned around and held the bear out to the little girl.  The look of delight on her face as she took possession of the bear filled me with joy.

I would remember this day for a very. long. time.





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