Did I Just Die?

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I’m going to use my blog to answer some of the questions that I have been getting during my presentations and talks.

Q: Does everything stay the same when you die? Even if you don’t realize that you’re dead?

I have to say yes, sometimes people don’t realize that they’re dead. To them the world has continued, but for reasons unknown (or unwilling to be recognized by them) others no longer respond to them.

We (those of us working as psychopomps or guides) do not let this remain for long. We work with the soul to get them to accept that their physical lives are over and that it’s time to move on. Here’s an example of such an experience:

The book shop had been her life, and no amount of coaxing from me was going to make her leave it. She had been 42 and the mother of one. Married, her husband was at home with their son while she had been busy working at her book store. It had been her life, more so than anything else. Unfortunately, she had had an aneurysm and died almost instantly. In fact, it was so sudden and unexpected that she hadn’t yet registered that she no longer had a physical presence.

At the moment I arrived, she was upset that there was a body on the floor behind the counter of her shop, and she was dithering at me about wanting to call the police. The body was face down, so I sort of understood why she wasn’t recognizing herself. But even so, the clothing, the hair color and style, and even the shape of the body should have been giving her some idea of who the person was. Yet, she still could not, would not, comprehend that it was her.

Instead, we played this game of her demanding that I call the police while she tried to revive the poor woman. Of course, I did not call the police, and she had no way of reviving the poor woman. And once she began to realize that she could not touch the woman, let alone turn her over for resuscitation, the harsh reality of her situation started to come clear to her.

I was almost feeling sorry for her, until she again refused to come with me. I thought perhaps she was concerned about leaving her family with no notice; however, while she did hope that her husband and son wouldn’t be too upset with her, that wasn’t her problem. No, her crisis was in leaving the book store.

She was afraid that if she left with me, her husband would get rid of her dream. She loved that book store. She had sacrificed a lot to buy it, build it up, and keep it going. In her mind, her family had never appreciated it, nor had they appreciated how hard she had worked to make it so profitable. She had struggled against the big, generic book stores that had come to town, and she had won. She had beat out most of the competitors in her little town, but most of all, she just plain loved that book store.

To her, her son and husband were all about sports, NASCAR, and hunting, while she was all about books and reading. So, no matter what I said about it being time to move on, no matter how I tried to explain that she was no longer physical and that what happened to the store was no longer up to her, she refused to go.

This is how hauntings get reported. This is how people start talking about ghosts. She was so attached to that book store, so insistent on making sure that the book shop remain in the family (even though she knew that neither her husband nor son cared for it or for books in general) that she wouldn’t let go.

She so wanted someone to care about that shop as much as she had, as much as she still did. And as long as that connection was so strong, I knew it was going to be very difficult to get her leave.

I finally convinced her to go into the back room to her office. However, when she stepped into the back room, it was one I had created. I don’t like to trick people, but I really needed her to move away from the physical store. So, now she was haunting a replica of her book store, a copy that existed in the transition level. I created a copy so exact that I even included a replica of the body that she wouldn’t acknowledge as hers.

For her to acknowledge that she was dead so she could move on, she needed to go through the whole scenario of the body being found, identified, examined, and buried. However, by doing it in the astral plane, there was more control over the situation, and more help available to her. Leaving her wandering the physical book shop would have only prolonged her agony, and that of her family.

Once she figured out and accepted (more or less) that she had died, she opted to return to the physical plane almost immediately. She had no patience for working through any of her lessons or issues from that life, nor did she care to do much planning for the next one. She’s one of those souls that is very tied to the physical world and what it has to offer, and so that’s where she wanted to be.books

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An author, writer, photographer, and fellow life traveler who offers her wit, wisdom, and stories with others who share her path, if even for a moment.
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4 Responses to Did I Just Die?

  1. Lynn Monahan says:

    When you say she opted to return to the physical do you mean reincarnated?

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