What’s Your Story?

“What we call reality is simply a theory, an internalized mental model…”  Paul Levy


I see each of our realites as one book in a huge library full of books. Each book is another reality, another story that we simply haven’t read yet, or don’t remember reading. These books represent the realities available but unselected by us. There are the volumes entitled, “Hitler Won the War” and “Rome Never Fell.” There might even be a book where the dinosaurs still roam the Earth or where whales and dolphins are the dominant species.

But I’m focused on just one book. The book of the here and now and the chapter called “The Story of Tas.” It contains everything I’ve ever done, including all the options I didn’t select, all the options available to me, and everything I’m doing now. It’s one of those ‘magical’ books where the words appear as the events occur or the choices are made. And, if I change my mind, then the writing in the book changes to accommodate that, too.

To some people it may not be a glamorous story. After all, there are no dragons, princesses, or fairy castles (though at times, I still pretend I’m a princess in a fairy castle and my spouse is the hapless knight who has to rescue me–these moments are usually when I take on a task that I’m totally inept at completing.)

Even so, this life is (to me) a fascinating story of one person’s struggles to live, learn, and be happy. It’s all about love, loss, success, and failure, combined with a central theme of striving to be a better person. At the heart of the story, the protagonist manages to overcome treachery and trickery before finding her true purpose and goal in life.

The story hasn’t ended yet, but the highs aren’t quite as high, and the lows are less scary. Still, I’m interested to see where the story goes, and how the characters finally resolve things. And if I really like it, who knows…maybe I’ll come back and become one of those chapters in the “Rome Never Fell” book.

How ‘bout you? How is your story doing? Are you enjoying the story of your life, or are you busy rewriting it?

About TA Sullivan

An author, writer, photographer, and fellow life traveler who offers her wit, wisdom, and stories with others who share her path, if even for a moment.
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