Defining Me

pendulumIf there was a defining moment in my life, it would have to be the summer of my brother’s first car accident.

I say defining, because that was first time I let my family (specifically my mother) see me in action.

My life is and has been filled with psychic incidents—some big, some small. Each day is filled with insights and information that would, if I didn’t control it, overwhelm and consume me. However, the first time I let my family in on my ‘secret’ I was nine.

It was summer; school was out and life was laid back. My father and one brother were out back with the guests—my parents were entertaining some friends by having a BBQ/pool party in the back yard. I was in the house with my mom, helping her make the salads for dinner. My oldest brother was out in Mom’s car picking up some extra hot dog buns.

The phone rang, and before my mom could cross the kitchen to answer it (phones hung on the wall in those days), I said, “It’s about K. He’s been in an accident, but he’s ok. The car is trashed, though.”

My mom gave me a strange look, picked up the handset, and listened to the voice on the other end. As she did so, she kept looking at the phone, then at me, and back.

When she hung up the phone, all she said was, “How did you know?”

While it was an earnest question, it became a rhetorical one at that moment because we had to take care of more urgent matters—what to do about K and the trashed car.

However, my mother didn’t forget what had happened. Several days later, when life was a little calmer, we sat down to discuss what happened in the kitchen that evening. Despite my mother’s initial reaction (which I took to be disapproval), she turned into my biggest ally. She got me all kinds of books on parapsychology and all things psychic. When the library wouldn’t let me into the adult section for books, she’d check them out for me.

Although my mother and I had our differences, she was there for me as I learned and grew and practiced…finally building my fledgling abilities into something a bit more robust. She helped me define myself…TA Sullivan, a person who lives in multiple realities and planes of existence; a person who had the opportunity to grow into her abilities without shame because of that one defining moment.

Tas-lotus-flower-2If you want to build your own abilities, you can try meditation. Purchase my Mastering Meditation book to show you how. Or if you want to know more about your life’s goals and what’s coming up for you, contact me at Tas Readings. I can do a life reading, help you translate your dreams, or help you determine which of your past lives is affecting your current life, and what you can do about it.

About TA Sullivan

An author, writer, photographer, and fellow life traveler who offers her wit, wisdom, and stories with others who share her path, if even for a moment.
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