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Just Wow!

WOW!!! AND I really really mean that; with extra exclamation points. I rarely get to say wow anymore over a book, but I’m saying “Wow!” to the nth degree for Richard Martini’s books. If you’ve ever wondered about what happens … Continue reading

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Trying Something New

WELL, I’M TRYING something new. I’ve started to record the spiritual readings that I do (at least those of a general nature), and posting them on my Youtube channel. I’m hoping that this will help me spread the information a … Continue reading

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Is Goodreads Any Good?

I READ AN article the other day about an author and online book reviewer who ran amuck of each other on Goodreads. Evidently, the professional reviewer left a scathing review of the author’s work even though this reviewer had only … Continue reading

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How to Benefit From Writing Critiques

AS WRITERS WE love to get praise and (most likely) dislike getting critiques and criticism. However, this little video explains why critiques can help us improve if we use them the right way. Take a look:  Benefitting From Critiques  

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The Pros & Cons of Being an Independent Publisher

INDEPENDENT PUBLISHERS ARE AUTHORS acting as their own publishers. They take responsibility for the entire process from writing to publishing, to marketing and sales. Because of all they do, they also keep the biggest chunk of the rewards (anywhere from … Continue reading

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