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Get Free Stuff With Just an Email

Believe it or not, writing letters (or in my case, an email) can help you resolve issues and (sometimes) even get free service or merchandise. I think this is something that many of us have forgotten (or maybe never learned … Continue reading

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WHEN WE FIND something that echoes our own behavior or thought processes, it confirms that we’re not alone; that there are others who think, act, or have a point of view like ours. It makes us feel validated and (sometimes) … Continue reading

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Ready; set…Action!

I’VE BEEN PLAYING with making videos again. I know it’s a blatant blast to buy my book, but I think the overall video is cool, and the process was so simple. And it’s perfect for those folks with a short … Continue reading

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Composing a Symphony With Words

AS A KID, we moved around a bit for my dad’s job. Therefore, I ended up with several different gradeschool teachers, each with their own preferred methods of instructing us in the proper use of grammar and punctuation. My first … Continue reading

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Take a Peek

I’ve published several new (short) videos. They’re general readings that I do for my Tas Reading website. The first answers the question: Has the Message From the Tao Changed? The second one talks about expectations. You can see more of … Continue reading

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