I’m a Queen!

watercolour-1768925During presentations that I give for my books, “Escorting the Dead” and “Mastering Meditation,” I always seem to get questions regarding past lives.

Everyone is curious about who they might have been before in some other life, and that’s perfectly normal. However, although I teach a meditation technique to help you remember your own past lives, not everyone is adept at this. Therefore, they ask me to read their auras and retrieve the information for them.

While teaching past life regression techniques during one of my group sessions, I was asked the following question:

What is the most interesting claim that someone has made regarding a past life?

I didn’t have to think very hard to come up with an answer.

I had one young lady who came to me for help. She insisted that she had memories of a past life as Queen Anne (Married to Richard III) and wanted to ‘prove’ it. She told me that she’d had dreams of a room in which she was making proclamations and deciding the fate of some peasants that had come seeking favors. She also had memories of parties and fetes. She described the room, including the draperies and some tapestries, and she even included some small details of the time that were unlikely to be found in most online or library sources (unless you were a historical researcher, and she did not strike me as someone willing to work very hard at anything, let alone such an elaborate practical joke).

I had her lay on the yoga mat, and we went through the steps to get her deeply relaxed. I switched on the video recorder, and then used the meditative regression technique to take her back to that lifetime.

I asked her to describe what she saw and what was happening around her. What she came out with showed that she was not Queen Anne, but one of Queen Anne’s hand maidens. She would listen in to the conversations by hiding behind curtains and tapestries. That was the reason why she was so familiar with the room and the decorations, because she used them as her hiding places.

As one of the trusted household, she was able to listen in on everything (or almost everything), and she would then sell the information to members of other royal houses. She did this for years. But eventually she was found out and was tried and hung for treason. As for her memories of making proclamations, what she had was memories of mocking her queen for her friends. 2019 MasteringMeditation3D - DLS 7

Once awake, she disavowed the memories. She told me that I must have done something wrong to induce these fake memories and stormed out with her video recording of the sessions. What made her even more interesting was that during several other sessions we had done, she had gone back to several other past lives of people who were quite well known (one was a well-known figure in Russian history and the other a well-known musician/composer in Medieval times). However, those were of little interest to her. The only interest she had in past life regression was proving that she had been Queen Anne.
I’m sure she’ll continue her quest until she finds someone willing to corroborate her version of her past.

If you would like a reading of your past lives, contact me at Tas Readings or use the regressions meditation in my “Mastering Meditation” book.

About TA Sullivan

An author, writer, photographer, and fellow life traveler who offers her wit, wisdom, and stories with others who share her path, if even for a moment.
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2 Responses to I’m a Queen!

  1. Dr Bob Rich says:

    Yes, interesting how often Cleopatra or Genghis Khan or Alexander the Great reincarnate!

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