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Isn’t It All Just Fakery?

Quora Question: Q: Do you believe in truths allegedly known through mystical experiences? Consider, for instance, “near death experiences” and premonitions. Since I had an NDE, then yes. I do believe in what I learned during my near-death experience. Not … Continue reading

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Another FREE Book — Energy Healing

Energy Healing is a booklet that provides a variety of techniques to help you heal your spirit, mind, and body. Combining easily obtained and available natural objects such as gems, light, metals, and scents along with your daily meditations, you can maintain … Continue reading

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Although clichés, there are two phrases that (to me) sum up a fundamental truism about people: Everyone is different Never judge a book by its cover What those two ideas mean to me is that you never know what someone … Continue reading

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Echoes of My Own Experiences

A friend of mine invited me to watch a movie with her. She said it was something she had seen when it first came out and, knowing I hadn’t seen it, thought I would really enjoy it. That’s all she … Continue reading

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Tell the Bees

Bees have held a special place in British and Celtic families for decades. It became a tradition among many of these bee-keeping families to tell their bees when tragedies or deaths occurred in the family. Failing to make these notifications … Continue reading

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