Catastrophes, Pandemics, and Other Mass Events

The individual and the nature of mass events by Seth as told to Jane Roberts

“An epidemic, for example, serves the purposes of each individual who is involved, while it also serves its own functions in the greater species framework.”

“To a certain extent, epidemics are the result of a mass suicide phenomenon on the parts of those involved.

“…whole groups of individuals want to die at any given time—but in such a way that their individual deaths amount to a mass statement.

“On one level the deaths are a protest against the time in which they occur.”

“The environment in which an outbreak occurs points at the political, sociological, and economic conditions that have evolved, causing such disorder. Often such outbreaks take place after ineffective political or social action—that is, after some unified mass social protest—has failed or is considered hopeless.

“Initially there is psychic contagion: Despair moves faster than a mosquito, or any outward carrier of a given disease.”

So, according to Seth, we’re in the midst of a mass event with this pandemic. The question I have is what are we promoting, demonstrating for, or protesting?

When I discussed this issue with several of my friends, they all had differing opinions as to why this mass event was occurring.

Suze [not her real name], who works in marketing, said she thought it was to prove to corporate managers across the world that people don’t have to be in an office setting. That employees could, and should be allowed to, work from anywhere. She had fought for years to be allowed to work from locations other than the corporate environment, and now with the pandemic she finally had her wish. She was able to work from her home office, which enabled her to have more interactions with her family. Late meetings, no problem. She walked down the hall and got on her computer for a video chat, rather than having to stay at the office for several extra hours.

I agree with her that being free to work from anywhere was important, but is it so important that it would trigger this type of event?

Sam [again, not his real name] thought it had more to do with the struggle to get corporations and politicians on board with the need for increased conservation measures. He felt that the Earth had finally had enough and was unleashing her own brand of payback for all the neglect and abuse that we had done to her. His rationale had to do with all the positive results that could be seen since people had been confined to their homes or towns. The oceans, lakes, and rivers were cleaner, the air purer, and many of the animals that had been decimated were finally showing signs of returning.

Again, I had to agree with him. But I also wonder if this was really a large enough event to help long-term. And is this pandemic really impactful enough to change the corporate bigwigs and ruthless or uncaring politicians from Scrooges into compassionate individuals?

Linda [not her name], another life counselor and a psychologist, thought it had to do with our need to become more compassionate as a whole people. She thought that there was just too much racism and hatred in the world. She said that with everyone in danger of becoming sick it gave the world’s population a chance to show how caring and compassionate they could really be. She was convinced that even the small task of checking on neighbors, friends, or family members, could help improve someone’s empathy, sympathy, and compassion, which could then lead them to becoming more understanding and tolerant.

Another great point that I couldn’t help but agree with. But I still wondered if it was a big enough reason to cause such a large reaction as this pandemic.

I have no definitive answers. But I do wonder if it couldn’t be a combination of these reasons. After all, any of these issues is worth trying to overcome. I mean, do you want to reincarnate into a cesspool of a planet? Granted, we can always choose another reality on this planet, one where there isn’t so much pollution. But what if we want this timeline, this reality? Will it even exist anymore? And what about living in a world that seems so much like a repeat of the Nazi era pre-World-War-II? It doesn’t seem like a place I want to be in, and yet if we don’t find the compassion to understand and accept that we’re all in this together, we may end up there.

And as for working from any location…well, I’ve been fighting for that since the first laptop was available (and believe me, that’s a long time).

So, what do you think? Do you have any theories as to why we chose this type of mass event?

About TA Sullivan

An author, writer, photographer, and fellow life traveler who offers her wit, wisdom, and stories with others who share her path, if even for a moment.
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