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What are Spirits Made Of?

Quora question Q: I have a problem understanding what substance spirits are made of? How are they able to hug the beloved ones who die if they don’t have the bodies? How are they able to use what they create … Continue reading

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Is There a Spirit Language?

Quora question How does the desire originate in the spirit soul? Is there a spirit language? First there is thought/emotion, then there is creation. So, if your spiritual self requires some portion of the world to change in order to … Continue reading

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Vibrational Frequencies

Quora Question Q: We all talk about frequency. Raising our frequency to match those in the afterlife while they lower theirs. But what is frequency? How do we increase it? How would it slow down? The frequency being referenced is … Continue reading

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Step Into The Twilight Zone

Quora Question Q: What was the strangest coincidence you’ve ever had in your life? I think the strangest coincidence (occurrence) that I’ve had in my life is meeting another version of myself. I had an appointment at a literary agency … Continue reading

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What is Consciousness?

Quora question Do you instantly lose consciousness after death? Science and medical professionals have been conducting experiments over the past decade and have concluded that consciousness does not exist in the physical form. Instead, they have deduced that consciousness exists … Continue reading

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