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An author, writer, photographer, and fellow life traveler who offers her wit, wisdom, and stories with others who share her path, if even for a moment.

Going Home

AS A CHILD when we drove past a cemetery, I would often comment, “Most of my friends are dead, you know.” I’m fairly certain that the first time I said that my parents must have freaked out. But what I … Continue reading

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The Whimsy of Life – A Free Children’s Ebook

The Whimsy of Life is a compilation of original children’s poetry and cute images that echo the works of Dr. Seuss. This compilation of cuteness also includes the award-winning “A Winkling Wuggley.” This new (and free) ebook will have your kids … Continue reading

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Some Book-Related Humor


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What to Do With Those Little Squiggles

Commas. A simple, yet important little squiggle that writers use to indicate a pause in the flow of thought and words. Without commas sentences could (and probably do) run on forever. Lists become nearly impossible to decipher because there is … Continue reading

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Free Ebook: Life and Nature

I’ve just published a free ebook. It’s a (hopefully) first in a series of photos and poetry that I hope people can enjoy. I’ll admit it, it’s more of a personal project–I just want to put out something personal and … Continue reading

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Don’t Listen to the Fear

“All this psychic stuff is nonsense. You’re all a bunch of cons.” So, goes the plaintive cry of the non-intuitives and skeptics everywhere. At first it used to bug me when people said that. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve … Continue reading

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Finding the Right Editor for You

So many articles tout the need for editing. They give examples of poor writing, worse punctuation, and unrefined or sluggish plots. But how do you, a burgeoning writer go about finding someone who will edit your beloved manuscript and not … Continue reading

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