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Reincarnation: Fact & Fiction

Everyone has their own opinion on whether reincarnation is real. As for me, I know it’s real. For many of us, reincarnation is such a part of us that they find it easy to remember who they were and what … Continue reading

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Auras and Shifting Realities

I’ve been compiling my vast wealth of knowledge regarding chakras and auras into a book (the working title is About Auras). This past week, I have been focusing on organizing and writing summaries about each of the primary layers. Yesterday’s … Continue reading

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Rejecting Rejection

Rejection is a way of life for an author…or for any artiste, for that matter. It’s one of those things that you either learn to cope with or you spend all your time depressed. My coping mechanism has always been … Continue reading

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Telling the Story

Do you know the difference between a novel and a non-fiction book? A non-fiction book is based in truth. However, the biggest mistake that non-fiction authors make is equating truth with a dry recitation of facts rather than the telling … Continue reading

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Coming Soon

I know I often write about my dreams, but that’s because dreams are important to our lives…and because I know a lot about dreams (hence, the book On dreams and dream symbols). But while this post is about another of … Continue reading

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Nearing Death; Acknowledging the Existence of Heaven

Originally posted on Nae's Nest: Born in 1953, Eben Alexander III grew up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the adopted son of a neurosurgeon father and a devoted mother. Following in his father’s footsteps, he went to medical school to become…

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I see you…

Can people really view objects, locations, and people from a distance (remote viewing), or allow part of themselves to travel away from their body to some other place (out of body experiences)? The American and Russian governments believe so (Stargate was … Continue reading

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