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I Know You’re Out There…

Have you ever associated a memory with a song so strongly that the moment you hear the song you’re back in that moment? I have. For me the song is I Know You’re Out There Somewhere, by the Moody Blues. This … Continue reading

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My Haunted Childhood

My childhood home was haunted…or at least we all thought so. When I was about twelve or so, my family and I became convinced that our house was haunted. We had been living there for at least seven years with … Continue reading

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Where is Love?

Where has the romantic gone? How did she become lost? Where is the lonely little girl who constantly poured her soul Into a few choice words—laying bare her life, her heart, and her mind? I have searched everywhere, yet she … Continue reading

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Telling the Story

Do you know the difference between a novel and a non-fiction book? A non-fiction book is based in truth. However, the biggest mistake that non-fiction authors make is equating truth with a dry recitation of facts rather than the telling … Continue reading

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How Far Should You Go?

As a reader and author what do you consider too sexy? I have to admit that as a reader, I’m prone to skimming. That means, while I appreciate the good, steamy build up, I don’t really care to read about … Continue reading

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An Interview with This Author

What to know what makes this author tick? Read the following interview that TA Sullivan did for the local library association. Continue reading

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Why do you write?

Every author’s “How-to” book that I’ve ever read always has these 2 basics somewhere in the book’s depths: Write what you know Write for yourself The “write what you know” part has never been an issue for me. While I love … Continue reading

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