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Are You Too Empathetic?

If you feel at times that you’re too empathetic–torn apart and unable to cope with other people’s suffering–help is at hand. Doing a compassion meditation every day for two weeks may just help you reduce the distress you feel when … Continue reading

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It’s Now Free on Amazon, too! finally caught up with the other distributors, so now you can get Mastering Meditation free for your Kindle, too. Try some of the different meditations from the book, and see which of them works for you. Do you wonder what … Continue reading

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Can you hear me now?

I lost my voice 2 days ago. I’ve looked everywhere for it, but it’s just not here. I think it went on holiday…can’t say as how I blame it. I mean, it’s not like I ever really let it out … Continue reading

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What Dreams May Come…What Dreams Have Come

A friend of mine invited me to watch a movie with her. She said it was something she had seen when it first came out and, knowing I hadn’t seen it, thought I would really enjoy it. That’s all she … Continue reading

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Staying Happy

Start each day with an affirmation. Tell yourself that you are special, and believe it. Each of us is special, but a lot of us tend to forget that in the crush of everyday problems and challenges. And many of … Continue reading

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What was it?

Riding my bike past the golf course, I watch as the van runs the stop sign; however, I’m unable to swerve out of his way. I’m staring through the van’s windshield at the driver and hoping he doesn’t hit his … Continue reading

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The “Messages From Michael” book says that there are 7 different types of people based on the energies (characteristics) they present. According to them there are active energies, passive energies, and one neutral. Following their guidelines, I’m (supposedly) one of the … Continue reading

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