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It’s Real!

The afterlife is real, and those of us who have had NDEs (near-death experiences) know it…and some of us are even willing to talk about it. I wrote a book about my experiences. What happened, what I saw, what I … Continue reading

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We’ve All Lived Before

I did a review on a book regarding children and past lives, and while the book wasn’t all that great, the topic is still one that interests me. One of the reasons it interests me is because of my own … Continue reading

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Psychopomp vs. Grim Reaper

What’s the difference between a grim reaper and a psychopomp (other than the fact that psychopomp sounds much cooler; while grim reaper has become a Halloween and horror story cliche and an overused media trope)? Both are spiritual entities that … Continue reading

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Immortal Death

Instead of trying to be immortal, maybe we should think about what we want to do next. After all, death is just another step in that long road we call life. It’s nothing to be afraid of, I know…I’ve been to the other side, and I’ve come back. It’s different, but different doesn’t have to be scary. Continue reading

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The Whisperers…

Is it positive thinking, or just a foolish refusal to face reality? I wish I knew. There’s an energy flow that is swirling around me right now that no matter how hard I try to ignore, I just can’t. It’s an … Continue reading

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Oooh, a new marketing toy…

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I decided to use my time to research ways of incorporating blatant ads into my blog. I know, I know…no one likes commercials. But let’s face it, if I don’t push my books, who … Continue reading

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What Dreams May Come…What Dreams Have Come

A friend of mine invited me to watch a movie with her. She said it was something she had seen when it first came out and, knowing I hadn’t seen it, thought I would really enjoy it. That’s all she … Continue reading

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