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Don’t Listen to the Fear

“All this psychic stuff is nonsense. You’re all a bunch of cons.” So, goes the plaintive cry of the non-intuitives and skeptics everywhere. At first it used to bug me when people said that. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve … Continue reading

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Take a Peek

I’ve published several new (short) videos. They’re general readings that I do for my Tas Reading website. The first answers the question: Has the Message From the Tao Changed? The second one talks about expectations. You can see more of … Continue reading

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Trying Something New

WELL, I’M TRYING something new. I’ve started to record the spiritual readings that I do (at least those of a general nature), and posting them on my Youtube channel. I’m hoping that this will help me spread the information a … Continue reading

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Live Your Best Life…

…Through Energy Manipulations and Life Readings Do you suffer from chronic, unexplained mental or emotional pain? Are you depressed? Do you repeat patterns of negative behavior? Do you attract the same types of people into your life? Do you feel blocked or stuck in … Continue reading

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Did I Just Die?

I’m going to use my blog to answer some of the questions that I have been getting during my presentations and talks. Q: Does everything stay the same when you die? Even if you don’t realize that you’re dead? I … Continue reading

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Knowing the Past Can Help You Now

Did you know that learning about and acknowledging the truth of your past lives can help you resolve current life issues? Sometimes small things (like a patch of eczema or a feeling of being choked when wearing cowl or turtle … Continue reading

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Interview With Dr. Bob Rich

I’ve asked Dr. Bob Rich, author, conservationist, and professional granfather, to join me today. After reading two of his books and sharing a number of long conversations, which covered a multitude of esoteric topics, I thought it would be interesting … Continue reading

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