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Still True Today

I’ve been reading some books (old and new) on quantum physics and quantum mechanics, and I was fascinated by the discussions regarding probability waves. Back in the late 1700’s a scientist named Thomas Young (1773-1829) conducted an experiment, that was … Continue reading

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Ripples of Effects

We’ve all heard of the butterfly which, when it flaps its wings in Tokyo, causes rain in New York, but do any of us realize that each of us also creates ripples and waves in the ocean of reality that … Continue reading

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Talking to God

Can we speak to God? Of course; and most of us do so, all of the time. Some call it prayer; others might call it just their own internal ramblings and dialogues; but each of us in our own way … Continue reading

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Let’s shoot first…

If [space] aliens landed what would happen to us, could we survive? That was the question the people at the Discovery/Science channel posed to a group of “experts” consisting of scientists, SciFi writers, journalists, politicos, disaster recovery personnel, military, and police … Continue reading

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What a funhouse…

The universe is a funhouse of mirrors. I’m finding it hard to accept, even though I can visualize it fine. If you step through the wall at the back, you reappear stepping through the wall at the front of the funhouse … Continue reading

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Harvey and I do lunch

We all share the same reality, right? But do we really? Say you and I witness an event—let’s say it’s a parade—and someone else comes along and asks us to describe what we saw. Now if we both share the … Continue reading

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Where and when are we, really?

“Time/space exists only because we can measure it…” I found that quote and realized it pretty much sums up our relationship with time and space. After all, these tangibles don’t exist outside of physical reality, because beyond physical reality time/space … Continue reading

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