Life and Nature

“This is a beautiful combination of photographic art and poetry.”

“The photos are stunning.”

Life and Nature

Life and Nature is a symbol of my affection for everyone and everything that shares the planet with me.

As an avid photographer and writer, I’ve pulled together some of my favorite images and combined them with some inspirational (and I hope, moving) words. The book is  meant as an encouraging and moving mixture of words and pictures that illustrate our planet’s range of beauty and wonder. It is a book filled with love, beauty, inspiration, and caring.

I have been capturing the beauty of the world around me since I received my first camera at the age of nine. My photos have appeared in two photographic anthologies, Images of the Mind and Forever in a Moment, and in two table-top books, Journey Into the Imagination and Wandering Spirits.

The International Society of Photographers awarded Ms. Sullivan the Outstanding Amateur Photographer award, as well as the Outstanding Achievements award. She also won the esteemed Golden Leaf award from Field and Forest magazine for her exceptional work in nature photography.

The book is free and can be found at Apple, GooglePlay, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, just to name a few.

Check out the book trailer: