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Is Goodreads Any Good?

I READ AN article the other day about an author and online book reviewer who ran amuck of each other on Goodreads. Evidently, the professional reviewer left a scathing review of the author’s work even though this reviewer had only … Continue reading

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For Free or Not For Free, That’s the Question

Have you been contemplating offering your book for free? Are you thinking that if you  give away the first book in your series it will result in more readers, a higher ranking, or more reviews? Writer Derek Haines offers some … Continue reading

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Do You Understand Your Characters?

Do you understand your characters? Do you know what your character’s self-concept is? Can you state it in one phrase? If the answer to these questions isn’t yes, then you don’t know your characters well enough to write their stories. … Continue reading

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Is That a New Look?

You bet it is! While the original look of my non-fiction books was great (see images below),   my award-winning books have been out (in some cases) nearly a decade, and it was time for a change. So, the publisher, … Continue reading

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Ahhh, it’s just right

LOOKING FOR A writing group is much like Goldilocks in the house of the three bears trying out their chairs — it takes a while to find a fit that’s just right. Finding that right fit is made even harder when you … Continue reading

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Death Lessons

VARIATIONS OF THIS question have popped up often enough during presentations that I give regarding my near-death experience that I decided to just create a blog post. The question is: What commonality do people’s reports of their NDEs have? MANY … Continue reading

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A Great Idea Unrealized

The Atlantis Gene by A.G. Riddle Summary:  The Atlantis Gene is a thought-provoking technothriller about global genetic experiments, ancient conspiracies, and the mysteries of human evolution. Its complex characters and historical and scientific facts will stay with you long after … Continue reading

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