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Exercise Your Brain

I read an article the other day in our local newspaper (yes, there are still newspapers; and yes, some of us still read them). Anyway, the gist of the article spoke of how reading could offset dementia in the older … Continue reading

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Is That a New Look?

You bet it is! While the original look of my non-fiction books was great (see images below),   my award-winning books have been out (in some cases) nearly a decade, and it was time for a change. So, the publisher, … Continue reading

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Choose Fear or Love

As Jim Carrey points out, we have to live our lives making fear-filled choices or love-filled choices. Love-filled choices bring more happiness and contentment.   To see how to make love-filled choices, read my book, “More from the Masters.” In … Continue reading

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Rejecting Rejection

Rejection is a way of life for an author…or for any artiste, for that matter. It’s one of those things that you either learn to cope with or you spend all your time depressed. My coping mechanism has always been … Continue reading

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It’s how we live; it’s how our realities are created; and it’s the name of the new 2-book set available from most online book retailers. I’ve combined my near death experiences and death escort experiences with the years of information … Continue reading

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Sliding Doors and Choosing a Path in Life

Have you ever started out walking down a path, and then halfway round you see another path wandering off through the trees and decide to follow it and see where it goes? I think we all have. And we haven’t … Continue reading

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It’s all good

I’ve always believed that who we are is a culmination of the choices we make, just as where we are in our lives is also. Every choice we make leads us down a path. Sometimes that path takes us where … Continue reading

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