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I’m a Queen!

During presentations that I give for my books, “Escorting the Dead” and “Mastering Meditation,” I always seem to get questions regarding past lives. Everyone is curious about who they might have been before in some other life, and that’s perfectly … Continue reading

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WHEN WE FIND something that echoes our own behavior or thought processes, it confirms that we’re not alone; that there are others who think, act, or have a point of view like ours. It makes us feel validated and (sometimes) … Continue reading

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Just Wow!

WOW!!! AND I really really mean that; with extra exclamation points. I rarely get to say wow anymore over a book, but I’m saying “Wow!” to the nth degree for Richard Martini’s books. If you’ve ever wondered about what happens … Continue reading

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Death Lessons

VARIATIONS OF THIS question have popped up often enough during presentations that I give regarding my near-death experience that I decided to just create a blog post. The question is: What commonality do people’s reports of their NDEs have? MANY … Continue reading

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Interview With John Edward

John Edward (Born John Edward McGee Jr. on October 19, 1969) John is one of the country’s foremost psychic mediums and the author of the critically-acclaimed, New York Times Best Sellers One Last Time, Crossing Over: The Stories Behind the Stories,…

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Who Will Come for You?

All of us have an interest in what happens after we die. Even those who proclaim that nothing awaits us still secretly wonder if they’re right, or if there really is another world ‘out there’ somewhere. As someone who has … Continue reading

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Death and Life

This is what happens when Death embraces life. Watch the video for a light-hearted look at what happens when Death encounters the youthful passion and innocence of a child. [click here]  

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