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You Need to Read to Write Well

Many well-known authors will admonish new authors and wannabe-authors to read, read, read. Yet, what many of them fail to make clear is why reading is so important. You’re not reading simply for the fun of it (although, that certainly … Continue reading

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I just love it!

I don’t know which I’m more proud of, the fact that I have a two-ebook-collection ready for sale, or the great cover that DL-Designs and Digital Art created for it on such short notice. So, what do you think? Isn’t … Continue reading

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My Review of “Elephants Never Forgotten”

I had the privilege of reading “Elephants Never Forgotten” by Ellis Nelson and quite enjoyed it. In fact, my greatest disappointment in the book was that it ended too soon. I wanted more. The story flows around two young adults, … Continue reading

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How Far Should You Go?

As a reader and author what do you consider too sexy? I have to admit that as a reader, I’m prone to skimming. That means, while I appreciate the good, steamy build up, I don’t really care to read about … Continue reading

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To Swear or Not to Swear

Do you think fictional characters should swear? Continue reading

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Attending Fantasy and Book Conventions – Should You or Shouldn’t You?

I asked people to tell me of their experiences in attending book or fantasy conventions, and although I didn’t receive many responses, the ones I did receive were interesting. Among the replies, I received two that described the responder’s experience … Continue reading

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The paperback is now available, and the ebook is too. And to think, it only took 25 years! For better or for worse, it’s out there now, just waiting for readers to find it.   Happy reading, Friends!

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