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Going Home

AS A CHILD when we drove past a cemetery, I would often comment, “Most of my friends are dead, you know.” I’m fairly certain that the first time I said that my parents must have freaked out. But what I … Continue reading

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Do You Know About End-of-Life Experiences?

Seeing loved ones, angels, or other guides to the afterlife is a common occurrence for those who are dying. However, many living (and healthy) people find the concept ludicrous, frightening, or just plain fanciful. Yet, ask any hospice worker or … Continue reading

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My Haunted Childhood

My childhood home was haunted…or at least we all thought so. When I was about twelve or so, my family and I became convinced that our house was haunted. We had been living there for at least seven years with … Continue reading

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Shared Death Experiences

Can we and do we share our deaths with others? I certainly believe so. Is there a continuation of life after we die? I certainly believe that, too. Continue reading

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Where is Love?

Where has the romantic gone? How did she become lost? Where is the lonely little girl who constantly poured her soul Into a few choice words—laying bare her life, her heart, and her mind? I have searched everywhere, yet she … Continue reading

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Prove It

After three episodes of Proof, I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised and pleased by the treatment that TNT (and thereby, Hollywood) is giving to the topic of ‘life after death’ and all the related topics (NDEs, ghosts, poltergeist, sceances, … Continue reading

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What you see isn’t always what you think

What do you see in the picture shown here? When I showed the picture to different friends, I got several different answers: angels, aliens, light reflecting on clouds. And whose to say that any of those answers was right or … Continue reading

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