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Building the Language of Intuition

TO HONE YOUR own Intuitiveness, you need to understand your intuition’s language. Some insights may come as words, others as clear images, and other times the words or images may be only representative of what your intuition is trying to … Continue reading

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All About Auras is Here!

My new award-winning book is now available! (Well, actually it’s two books–an informational text about auras and chakras, and a reference guide filled with exercises and meditations to help you learn the secrets your aura contains.) All About Auras and … Continue reading

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Positive Vibrational Shifting

USING VIBRATIONS TO retune yourself – your body, your thoughts, and your emotions – is no longer just something for those involved in New Age philosophies. Nikola Tesla discovered the health benefits of sympathetic vibrations years ago, and Western medicine … Continue reading

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Where is Love?

Where has the romantic gone? How did she become lost? Where is the lonely little girl who constantly poured her soul Into a few choice words—laying bare her life, her heart, and her mind? I have searched everywhere, yet she … Continue reading

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Yes, but with a caution

Mindspeak/Heartspeak by Sandy Nathan Summary: Dr. Clarisse Hull is a brilliant theoretical physicist living in a world of schemes and hidden peril. Her revolutionary research manages to prove the existence of alternative universes, and she uses Quantum Physics to create … Continue reading

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Mastering Meditation…

  It’s FREE, and it’s coming soon! Did you ever want to try meditation but didn’t know what type? Or maybe you didn’t know there were different types of meditations? Well, there are. And in my soon-to-be-released FREE book, Mastering … Continue reading

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How distracted are you, or do you even recognize it when you’re distracted? I’m not speaking of the little interruptions that occur when you lose focus on a task. I’m speaking of the mindless tasks you complete every day without … Continue reading

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Escorting the Dead…a reboot

I updated some of the material. I added some bonus material. I reformatted the interior. And I redesigned the cover in anticipation of the companion book, “More from the Masters,” which is due to come out this fall. So, the rebooted version … Continue reading

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The Whisperers…

Is it positive thinking, or just a foolish refusal to face reality? I wish I knew. There’s an energy flow that is swirling around me right now that no matter how hard I try to ignore, I just can’t. It’s an … Continue reading

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Oooh, a new marketing toy…

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I decided to use my time to research ways of incorporating blatant ads into my blog. I know, I know…no one likes commercials. But let’s face it, if I don’t push my books, who … Continue reading

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