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Shared NDE

This video illustrates a rare and wondrous occurrence: a shared NDE. Come along now and listen to Scott Taylor describe his shared experience of death when his nephew dies. It is just another example of how mystical and magical life … Continue reading

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DEATH – Why Does It Frighten Us So?

Death. That word probably frightens people more than any other. Why? Because it represents the ‘great unknown.’ We know less about death than we do about outer space or the deep recesses of Earth’s oceans. After all, it’s not easy … Continue reading

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Immortal Death

Instead of trying to be immortal, maybe we should think about what we want to do next. After all, death is just another step in that long road we call life. It’s nothing to be afraid of, I know…I’ve been to the other side, and I’ve come back. It’s different, but different doesn’t have to be scary. Continue reading

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It’s how we live; it’s how our realities are created; and it’s the name of the new 2-book set available from most online book retailers. I’ve combined my near death experiences and death escort experiences with the years of information … Continue reading

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Prove It

After three episodes of Proof, I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised and pleased by the treatment that TNT (and thereby, Hollywood) is giving to the topic of ‘life after death’ and all the related topics (NDEs, ghosts, poltergeist, sceances, … Continue reading

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Escorting the Dead…a reboot

I updated some of the material. I added some bonus material. I reformatted the interior. And I redesigned the cover in anticipation of the companion book, “More from the Masters,” which is due to come out this fall. So, the rebooted version … Continue reading

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Is there proof of an afterlife?

TNT has a new show starting in June called “Proof”. I must admit, I am intrigued…from the little bit I’ve been able to find about it, it sounds as if it could be interesting. The premise is this: Rich old … Continue reading

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