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What Helps You Through Life?

While this post has little to do with writing, it has a lot to do with life. I read it and thought the author had some interesting insights. I especially think that the thought-provoking questions at the end were something … Continue reading

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Still True Today

I’ve been reading some books (old and new) on quantum physics and quantum mechanics, and I was fascinated by the discussions regarding probability waves. Back in the late 1700’s a scientist named Thomas Young (1773-1829) conducted an experiment, that was … Continue reading

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Yes, but with a caution

Mindspeak/Heartspeak by Sandy Nathan Summary: Dr. Clarisse Hull is a brilliant theoretical physicist living in a world of schemes and hidden peril. Her revolutionary research manages to prove the existence of alternative universes, and she uses Quantum Physics to create … Continue reading

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Mastering Meditation…

  It’s FREE, and it’s coming soon! Did you ever want to try meditation but didn’t know what type? Or maybe you didn’t know there were different types of meditations? Well, there are. And in my soon-to-be-released FREE book, Mastering … Continue reading

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It’s how we live; it’s how our realities are created; and it’s the name of the new 2-book set available from most online book retailers. I’ve combined my near death experiences and death escort experiences with the years of information … Continue reading

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Creating a Sequel

How do you know when your story needs a sequel? It isn’t based on page count as many a novice author believes, it’s based on the higher story arc of the characters. Each book in a series, such as the … Continue reading

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Interview with the Characters from Danaria

A friend and I were speaking the other day about fictional characters and what it might be like to sit down with them and actually speak to them about their plans, desires, wants, and needs. I was so taken with … Continue reading

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