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Knowing the Past Can Help You Now

Did you know that learning about and acknowledging the truth of your past lives can help you resolve current life issues? Sometimes small things (like a patch of eczema or a feeling of being choked when wearing cowl or turtle … Continue reading

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Interview With Dr. Bob Rich

I’ve asked Dr. Bob Rich, author, conservationist, and professional granfather, to join me today. After reading two of his books and sharing a number of long conversations, which covered a multitude of esoteric topics, I thought it would be interesting … Continue reading

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We’ve All Lived Before

I did a review on a book regarding children and past lives, and while the book wasn’t all that great, the topic is still one that interests me. One of the reasons it interests me is because of my own … Continue reading

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Accepting death

Originally posted on the girl in pink:
I’ve recently been asked by multiple people how I stay so positive while going through something so difficult and challenging. If I’m being completely honest, the answer is quite simple- accepting that death…

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The Past Rekindled

Coming November 1, 2017! Order your copy now from Amazon, GoogleBooks, or iTunes.    

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DEATH – Why Does It Frighten Us So?

Death. That word probably frightens people more than any other. Why? Because it represents the ‘great unknown.’ We know less about death than we do about outer space or the deep recesses of Earth’s oceans. After all, it’s not easy … Continue reading

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Immortal Death

Instead of trying to be immortal, maybe we should think about what we want to do next. After all, death is just another step in that long road we call life. It’s nothing to be afraid of, I know…I’ve been to the other side, and I’ve come back. It’s different, but different doesn’t have to be scary. Continue reading

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