About TA Sullivan, author

TA Sullivan, author

I  was born in the back of a cab in Chicago, Illinois, and I have continued to be unconventional in all that I do.

For over thirty years, I have made my living as a technical and marketing writer and editor in such diverse industries as manufacturing, cellular technology, and computer software. I have become quite proficient in turning boring into something readable and entertaining.

My first book, the award-winning “Escorting the Dead: My Life as a Psychopomp,” is an autobiographical look into the world of death escorts and near death experiences. It won praise from critics and readers alike.

A companion book, More From the Masters, also won awards and provides insights into relationships (family, work, spousal, et al) from the ascended masters. Their wisdom and perspective can help all of us understand and improve our relationships with other.

My next book, “On Dreams and Dream Symbols,” which won top honors for excellence from the North American Non-Fiction Writers, strives to expand people’s awareness of their dreams and what those dreams might be trying to tell them.

The first book in my fantasy/visionary fiction series is called “The Starstone.”  The main characters must find the pieces of the Starstone before the dark Aurisen, Lord Darkwind, does. The second book, “The Globe of Souls,” sends the companions in search of a way to free those souls enslaved by Lord Darkwind.

All my books are available through online book outlets in both paperback and ebooks.

You can follow me here on my blog, on Facebook, Twitter (@tasinator), LinkedIn, or Goodreads.


2 thoughts on “About TA Sullivan, author

  1. I’m here thanks to your very helpful post on book trailers. Thank you.
    Are you interested in review exchanges? I’d like to review your book on meditation, which I do several times a day. You might be kind enough to check out a few of mine:

    If you’re interested, we can exchange PDF copies.


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