About TA Sullivan, author

The award-winning author, TA Sullivan, was born in the back of a cab, and she has continued to be unconventional in all that she does.

She has worked as a technical and marketing writer, which taught her much about turning boring into readable. She has also written articles for a variety of magazines and small newspapers, contributed short stories to several book anthologies, and has had her photos displayed in local art galleries and published in two table-top book anthologies.

You can read some of her articles and musings in her blogs, here at Escorting the Dead or at Tas Readings (where she offers psychic and intuitive services).

You can view some of her photography in her free books, Life and Nature volumes 1 & 2, or you can purchase some of her photography at TDGallery on the Zazzle website.

TA Sullivan has been capturing the beauty of the world around her since she received her first camera at the age of nine. Her photos have appeared in two photo anthologies, Images of the Mind and Forever in a Moment, and in two table-top books, Journey Into the Imagination and Wandering Spirits.

The International Society of Photographers awarded TA Sullivan the Outstanding Amateur Photographer award, as well as the Outstanding Achievements award. She also won the esteemed Golden Leaf award from Field and Forest magazine for her exceptional work in nature photography.


After a near-death experience (NDE), she turned her writing skills toward the esoteric. In her award-winning book, Escorting the Dead, she recounts her experiences in the afterlife and her struggles to integrate her experiences and newfound knowledge into her everyday life.

This led her to write about her experiences and awakenings in a series of books: On Dreams and Dreams Symbols, Mastering Meditation, Choices, and All About Auras.

She has also published three free books and one free booklet.

You can find all of her books at most online book outlets.

Also, if you’ve ever wondered what your dreams mean, wanted to know what your life goals and path are, or wondered what pasts are affecting this life, she can help. Check out her other website, Tas Readings and see what spiritual and psychic information she can help you with.

You can follow or contact Ms. Sullivan at her blog/book sites or through Quora.com (Escorting the Dead), Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Products & Services

Author of 6 non-fiction books

Author of 3 fiction books

Author of 4 free books

Energy Reader & Spiritual Life Coach


Presenter & Inspirational Speaker

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