tallshortI decided to go for a walk…nothing unusual in that. I love walking and do it as often as I can. What was unusual was my perception of things.

I was looking down on the world as if from a great height. I,who have been height-challenged my whole life, was looking at the landscape around me as if in a body that was tall…perhaps upwards of 7 or 8 feet tall.

It was strange, yet it was also awesome. I looked down at the sidewalk and it seemed so far away. It was more than twice the distance from me as normal, while the tops of the trees, which I was now focused on, seemed so close. I reached out toward the sky and felt as if I could grab the clouds in a bear hug.

I spun around like a child…my arms extended, my face pointed skyward. As I spun, I felt almost untethered. It was if the merest of threads kept me bound to the earth. I felt that if I truly wanted to, I could simply let go of that thread and leaving my body behind, I could soar right up to the clouds drifting by.

I took a step forward and my body awkwardly responded. It was if I had just learned to walk. I had to actually think about the motions I needed to make for my body to step forward. After about half a dozen steps the body and I felt more in tune with each other, and I didn’t have to focus so much on what I wanted it to do. However, the feeling of tallness, of towering over my actual physical form continued. It was if I were two people…the short, typical me, and a towering giant standing over me. It was an awesome feeling; an interesting perception of reality.

By the time I completed my walk, the two realities had finally merged back into one…the short reality of my “normal” body. But the feelings and awareness awakened by the experience of being so “tall” lingers. And in that lingering perspective is a new and unique (for me, anyway) of viewing the world and those in it.

It gave me a feeling of connectedness and uniqueness all at the same time. It gave me feelings of being the same, yet different; and it allowed me to understand that no matter who you are, we all see the same world…we all just see it from our own unique perspective.