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So, Which Character Do You Want to Be?

ALL AUTHORS NEED reviews. And you don’t need to be a professional blogger, reporter, or reviewer to write them. All you need be is a reader. If you’ve read an author’s work, then give them a review. And if you’re … Continue reading

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All About Auras is Here!

My new award-winning book is now available! (Well, actually it’s two books–an informational text about auras and chakras, and a reference guide filled with exercises and meditations to help you learn the secrets your aura contains.) All About Auras and … Continue reading

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It’s Real…Really

WHATEVER YOU CALL it, Reiki, Bio-energy healing, energy manipulation, or just plain hoo-doo, it all comes down to the same thing…the ability to positively affect the energy field and well-being of another. Reiki shouldn’t work; by any logical thought process, … Continue reading

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“About Auras”…Better than a Mood Ring

SEVERAL PHOTOGRAPHIC TECHNIQUES purport to capture a person’s aura on film. And while the debate as to whether these methods are real or merely a way to make money continues, I’m offering my view (and a snippet of information from … Continue reading

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All About Auras Coming Soon

My new book, All About Auras, is coming out in just another week! Use my new books to learn to sense, see, and heal auras. You can learn all about what auras have to tell you about your past lives,…

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