Zombie Emergency Procedures

I sit here struggling to find something to write about. After all, not every day is filled with drama or brilliant insights. In fact, much of my life is very mundane. I get up; I drive to my job (I’m a writer); I do my assignments; I come back home. I repeat that pattern day after day, week after week.

See, like I said…not much drama. In talking to other people, I discovered that they pretty much think the same thing about their own lives, although some add a bit about caring for kids, pets, or elders. But overall, we’re all somehow the same—just simple people trying to get through the days of our lives.

But what are we trying to get through to? We always say that, “I’m just trying to get through the day,”or “…the week,” or “…the month.” But why? What’s at the end of the day, week, or month? What prize or goal awaits us once we reach that destination?

Are we all so focused on that “prize” that we’re not seeing the prize in the day that we’re living?

“Oh, it’s just the same as yesterday,” “They’re all just the same,” “Every day is just the same…you know, work, stress…but come the weekend…”

Are we all so sure that every day is really just the same as the one before it? And why can’t we enjoy ourselves now? Why do we have to wait for that “prize”?

Look around, is the weather really exactly the same as yesterday? Maybe today there are clouds—why don’t you take a moment to see what shapes are hidden in those clouds? What about taking a moment to just have a daydream with your lunch? And what did you eat for lunch yesterday? Today? Last week? Do you even remember?

Are the phone calls you’re getting today really the same as yesterday or last week? Aren’t the callers at least different people than last week? Isn’t there some humor in the joke that your cube mate just told you? Are the flowers outside your building blooming today? Were they blooming yesterday, or did you even notice that there were flowers? Did you take a moment to send your significant other a simple “I love you…” or an “I miss you…” message? Did they send you one?

While each day is similar, they truly aren’t the same. And if we let ourselves start ignoring the differences, then the days blend together in a somber dull grayness. And pretty soon those gray dull days begin to drain the life out of us and everyone around us. Eventually we all stop living and begin to simply just exist. We all start going through the days of our lives like zombies.

So, take a moment to look around, really look. Notice the sun on your face, or the rain drops on the windows.

See the colors of the flowers that speckle the gardens, and notice the people around you. Share a joke, a word, a moment with your cube mates, your family, your friends, and realize that you have a marvelous life that you share with marvelous people. Let those people know that you care, acknowledge them, and make them feel alive. Save someone from being a zombie…and you might just save yourself.


Pearl Necklaces

Pearl necklaces…we all have one—even the guys. I’m not referring to that piece of jewelry touted as the perfect accessory to every woman’s wardrobe back in the 1950’s. What I’m referring to, has nothing to do with jewelry or proper accessorizing. In fact, the type of pearl necklace that I’m referring to isn’t something you wear at all.

The pearl necklace that I’m referring to are those events, moments and nuggets of life that we’ve each consigned to our memories and pull out on occasion to admire, regret, chide ourselves with, or sometimes just grow nostalgic over. These small pearls of life are strung together by each us and become our own personal pearl necklaces.

Here’s mine—can you see it? This pearl is where I fought with my brother over which of us was going to sit up front with Mom and Dad when we got our new car—I was about 3 then; and next to it is the day I got my first visit from the Tooth Fairy. This pearl is my first bike ride (without training wheels) and it’s right next to the first report card with straight A’s. Then there’s the day I had to get in front of the whole 6th grade class and give a talk on Abraham Lincoln, followed by the day I attended my first funeral which is next to the pearl of my mom’s death.

If you look at your own necklace you’ll see that it’s pretty similar. Of course, you may have different pearls, but then your life was different, wasn’t it? Maybe you didn’t save any real sad memories, or any real happy ones. You may have never attended a funeral, or had a sibling to fight with. That’s why each pearl necklace is so unique, because each one is comprised of all the memories, all the pieces of life that you found important enough to remember and turn into a pearl.

Some pearls are similar for large groups—such as those created by all Americans on 9/11. Yet, while they may have similarities, they will also be different, because each of us is a unique individual and each of us was affected by the events differently. Even those who closely share lives—such as husbands and wives, parents and children, or even best friends—the events that occur between them and are turned into pearls will still be different. Because no matter how close people are, they are still individuals; they are still unique, so their reactions to life’s events is still different.

Some of us are methodical when putting together our necklaces, making sure that the pearl for 7/4/1976 is right next to the pearl for 7/5/1976; while others are a little more random with their pearls, putting 7/4/1976 next to 12/25/2000. However, it doesn’t really matter, after all, all of life is a series of choices, and selecting which pearls to put where along the string of our necklace is just another choice.

We all also choose how large to make our necklace. The number of pearls you add to your necklace depends on how long you maintain the current life. After all, when you stop collecting pearls, you stop living (and then it’s time to start a different type of adventure).

When this life ends, the necklace you’ve created is added to the thousands of others that you’ve created throughout your many lives—ones that you periodically pull out and review and, sometimes, even share with some of the others that you meet along the way.

And when the time is right, you might even begin a new life, and therefore, start stringing a new necklace, collecting pearls as you go along, following the path that you have chosen for that life.

The veil between worlds

The veil between planes is very thin, and some places it’s even thinner. Sometime the barrier between the physical world and the astral worlds wavers, and at those times and in those places glimpses are had of the “other side”.

If someone is on the astral plane running through a particular scenario in an attempt to understand all the different permutations of how that situation could play out and someone on the physical plane catches glimpses of it, they might think they’ve seen ghosts. And not just ghosts, but a ghostly re-enactment of something.

In the astral plane, the soul who was President Lincoln might be trying different outcomes to the day on which he got shot. This might take 100 or more of our years for him to do. Meanwhile, the barrier between the physical and astral worlds wavers and every so often what he is doing is seen by someone in the physical world.. And perhaps every time he’s seen is when someone is visiting Ford’s Theatre. Pretty soon, the word gets out that Ford’s Theatre is haunted by President Lincoln.

It could just as easily happen that this astral scene is viewed in North Dakota or Sri Lanka, because there is no real location in the astral planes. If in the astral planes you want to be at the same location as New York in the physical world, you need to go New York. The physical world shares the same space with the astral world, we just don’t normally see the astral world.

If I go to Quebec to plane someone, I usually just help them move to the astral world in Quebec. It’s not out there, up there, or any other there. It’s right here, just not visible to us. The astral planes are out of our sight, outside our perception, because it’s outside of our vibrational range.

Our current reality, our current physical world, vibrates at a frequency within a specific frequency range. Each of us in this world, in this reality also vibrates at a frequency that lies within that range. All the objects, animals, and everything we consider part of our reality vibrates at a frequency within that range. However, the astral world is a different range. It’s right next to our reality in terms of space, but it’s miles away because we can’t perceive it.

We put limits on ourselves when we come into this physical world, because in order to have the experiences we do, we don’t want to know about all of these other realities, and other planes. However, as we grow older (in terms of soul age), the barriers begin to break down and we begin to “remember”, and as we remember, we are no longer blind to all that is around us.

So, while the astral planes are right here, we don’t see them, except every once in awhile when the barrier wavers. And then we see “ghosts”.

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Echo, echo, echo…

Echoes of the past are quite common and are caused by extreme emotions. How many times have you walked into a room and known that someone has had a fight? There may be no one except yourself in the room, but you know that within the past day/hour several people were arguing in there.

Or, perhaps you walk into a room and you can feel how much the people of the house love each other. Again, no one else is around; you’re not observing anyone, it’s just the echoes of the emotions that they’ve left behind.

These types of echoes usually only last a day or two. Now, if some couple owned and lived in a house for 30 or 40 years and fought every day, then the echoes of that anger might last a decade. The same if the couple showered each other with love and respect for 30 or 40 years; again, the echo of that would last a decade or so.

These echoes would most likely be felt by others as either negative or positive responses to the house.

Some historic sites carry powerful echoes of emotions. American Civil War battlefields can be very negatively charged areas filled with anger, fear, and the cries of the dead, dying, and wounded. The same is true of many of England’s and Ireland’s castles and battlefields. Many areas where people were tortured, imprisoned, or brutalized for years/decades, will retain the negative echoes for centuries (multiple victims over multiple decades leaves HUGE negative echoes.)

Battlefields, places of terrorism, scenes of torture or mass murder, these all retain an imprint of the emotional scenes experienced by the victims. The more emotion expended, the more likely that someone will feel that it’s “haunted”.

The emotions discharged at the time of the event seep into the buildings and grounds nearby. The more the emotions occur, the more deeply it becomes imprinted on the area. Now for most people who come along later, what they’ll feel or sense is a chill (negative emotional echoes) or a warmth (positive emotional echoes). Others might actually feel the left over emotions—fear, lust, hate, anger, agony—and while they don’t actually “see” anything, the sensations are enough to have them believing in ghosts.

There are others who are even more intuitive, more sensitive to the nuances of the energies around them. These folks can actually “see” the events—maybe completely, maybe only partially, or maybe just in short snippets—but it’s enough to convince some people that they’re observing ghosts. However, what they’re really observing is the “recording” of the event caused by the emotional energies.

Now, let’s throw in some of the physical manifestations that can occur. Most often, these are caused by the living, not the dead. Usually the living person or people so want to see a ghost or ghostly manifestation, that when they experience the emotionally charged surroundings, they “create” the physical manifestation.

Focused thought does affect matter, there are hundreds of accepted, published, and documented studies from universities such as Princeton, Duke, and even Edinburgh that show this. Yet, most people are so desperate to believe in ghosts, that they do not even consider that they themselves might have caused the “ghostly” event. But when you have a group of people all focusing on the same idea, matter does move; things do shift; and suddenly you have a ghostly appearance of a vague, white, amorphous shape.

While souls in the astral planes can manifest in the physical world, few have a need or desire to.

(also see “What are Ghosts Really?“)

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Things that go bump in the night…(3)

I’ve been on the other side of those who won’t let go, too. So, I know what it’s like to experience someone’s energies permeating a place that they don’t want to let go of.

When I was in my late teens, my family moved to a smaller town than the one I grew up in. The house my mother had fallen in love with had been built about five years before our moving into it. It had been built for a woman, to her specifications, and she had evidently loved that house a lot. But when she died, her son had to sell the house, and it was my family who bought it.

I remember walking into the house the first time, it was a very cold December day, and the first thing I noticed was the smell of lilacs. Now, I like lilacs, but to smell them in December is decidedly odd, not to mention that the smell was accompanied by a spate of goose pimples.

The cold spots were put down to poor heat circulation or leaky windows, after all, it was winter. But I knew the difference. As the winter moved on, my mother, who was also intuitive (although not as strongly as I was), also began to notice the odor at odd times. Sometimes it occurred in the kitchen, other times in the basement. It was there one moment, and then just as quickly, it was gone.

Finally, my mother and I called out to the previous owner, and asked her to come to us. A few moments later the gentle perfume of lilacs floated into the room followed by a chill that had nothing to do with poor heat circulation or leaky windows.

We spoke softly and gently, explaining that we would love and care for the house as much as she did, and she could move on now. After that, the only lilac perfume came from the shrubs my mother planted at the far back corner of the yard.

That’s not to say that all of those who refuse to leave are as sensible and easy going as that woman was. I’m sure that there are some who refuse to be as easily persuaded. But since not too many folks remain so attached to the physical world, encounters with them are not often and many times planers or guides can usually convince them to move on.

Sometimes a soul needs to experience the goodbyes and finality of a physical plane funeral before letting go. This is part of the overall physical life experience for them, and while it can sometimes be awkward or upsetting for those intuitive enough to sense or see them, for the most part the living do not see the dead. For the most part, the living do not Want to see the dead.

So, if someone needs to have the full death experience, death of the body, grieving of the family and friends, and funeral, and they don’t want a transitional plane rendition of this experience, then a guide usually attends them and keeps them company. In these instances it’s not because they might cause harm or disruption, it’s more because most of them get caught up in the emotions and forget they’re dead. Then they become frustrated and upset when they can’t interact with the living—wanting to hug someone and being unable to, etc. So, the guide is there to lend stability (emotionally) and assistance if needed, after all, the “dead” person doesn’t really know how to manipulate their world yet, because if they’re trying to experience death to this degree, then they haven’t left off the physical plane personality.

So, rarely is there a true instance of a soul running amok and unattended in the physical world. For the most part, once someone leaves off the physical body, they’re quite ready to experience their own version of death. Then once the physical plane personality is transcended, they can move on to whatever reality they choose to experience next.

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Things that go bump in the night…(2)

We were speaking of chords and cords, and what makes a soul a ghost.

If someone has invested themselves in their business (like our bookstore lady), church, or family, they can create cords or links from their auric energies to the business, church, or family members. However, when this person dies, when the physical form ceases to live, their frequency shifts because the body is no longer there to center it. Now this is when they should be on the threshold between the physical world and the astral worlds, but using this deep, heavy auric cord that they have created, they anchor themselves in the physical world. They aren’t physical, and they can’t interact with the physical world, but they don’t care.

Maybe they believe that they can continue to influence how the company is run, or who it is sold to, or how the church functions, and the like, and if they are able to draw enough energy from the connection, they might have some influence. However, if they maintain the link for long, they will also eventually create negative energy areas, dead areas, areas where people feel uncomfortable and may drive people away from the building or town. (Not to mention how much they lend to the continuation and perpetuation of stories about ghosts and hauntings.)

If the soul has corded a person, they can, by drawing on that person’s energies to remain in the physical world, eventually kill the person. (Karmic debt.) They may think they’re staying because they love someone so much that they can’t bear to let go, or that this person couldn’t possibly function without them watching over them, or some other (to them) valid reason, but all they are doing is building a debt between them.

Now, there are a rare few who end up with these types of links through their altruistic endeavors. They have dedicated themselves to some cause, issue, or their family to the extent that the link was forged, but once they die, they are ready to move on, and so the link becomes an unwanted anchor.

Once they die, some folks recognize that they have links that are holding them back, and so they’ll remove them; others are too engulfed still in their physical life personalities and either don’t want to move on or refuse to understand why they can’t.

You see, when people die they can be:

  • Mostly free of their physical plane personality <moderate amount>
  • Somewhat free <fair amount>
  • Mostly encumbered by their physical plane personality <moderate amount>
  • Completely encumbered <fair amount>

Planers usually help some of those in bullet 2, but mostly we help those in the last 2 bullets. Those in the first bullet, usually don’t need anyone to help, and are often planers themselves.

Part of what planers do is to remove unwarranted links that might be holding someone in the physical world (with the person’s permission, of course), try to meet the person’s expectations of death, and try very hard to coax and convince those with harmful links to let go and move on.

If I have agreements with the person I’m planing (such as the bookstore lady), then I do my best to convince that person to either let go of their connections or to move them to a construct on the astral planes.

In her case, although she came through to the transitional plane with me, she was reluctant to remove the connection from her beloved bookstore. The hope was that since she recognized that she was dead, she would move the link from the physical bookstore to the construct of the bookstore. I can’t make her do that, it has to be her choice, and usually just getting them away from the physical world is enough to at least partially snap ‘em out of it. But you never know what someone is going to do, and that is why I’m not sure if she will remain long enough to work things through or even fully let go of ego.

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Things that go bump in the night

“From ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night,…”

Ghosts are a popular topic whether for books, movies, talk radio, or “reality” shows. However, despite the popularity in the belief that spirits stalk the living, true ghosts (spirits of the departed either trying to interfere with the lives of the living, repeating their last dying moments, or wandering freely unaware that they’re dead) are extremely rare.

Yep, sorry to be the bearer of such tidings, but while it’s fun to scare ourselves and get that adrenaline rushing with the thoughts of possibly encountering some headless horseman doomed to ride through the town every Hallow’s Eve, the odds of any of us encountering a haunt, haint, ghost, or spirit dwelling in the physical world is next to nil.

Most often what we physical beings take for ghosts is one of the following:

  • Echoes from emotionally charged objects or areas <most frequent>
  • Souls that remain after death to say goodbye to someone or to experience their funeral <common>
  • Glimpses of lessons or scenes occurring on the astral planes <occasionally>
  • Manifestations either of vaporous images, objects moving, or odd noises <occasionally>
  • Souls remaining in the physical world because they don’t know they’re dead, seeking revenge, seeking justice, seeking to help/warn/comfort the living, because they are overly attached to someone/something <rare>

There are probably less than 100 true ghosts hanging around the physical world at any given time, and these are people who have imbued so much of themselves into a person, place, or thing (such as a spouse, family, company, town, church, or house) that deep, heavy cords (or links) have been created. It’s these heavy energy links or cords that help them remain in the physical world even after their physical body is dead.

The physical body is a major key to helping us maintain the frequency of our reality. Each plane of existence (physical, astral, causal, mental, buddhic, messianic, tao) vibrates (exists) within a set range of frequencies. In musical terms, each plane is a specific grouping of notes. So, if, for instance, our physical world contains the notes middle C, C#, D, D#, and E, then the astral planes would start at F, which is right next to E.

So, in our world each person’s physical body acts as a balancing tone, keeping them centered within the appropriate range of frequencies, within the appropriate musical chord.

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