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Auras and Shifting Realities

I’ve been compiling my vast wealth of knowledge regarding chakras and auras into a book (the working title is About Auras). This past week, I have been focusing on organizing and writing summaries about each of the primary layers. Yesterday’s … Continue reading

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Trads vs. Indies: Will This War Ever End?

As a reader, writer/editor, and indie author, I understand the challenges of other authors (and editors). However, the constant nitpicking and bullying of authors just because they choose to publish independently, is ridiculous. The Let's Play Ball Blog Traditional publishers … Continue reading

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3 Steps to Great Non-Fiction

Believe it or not, writing non-fiction is more than just dumping facts and figures into a book template. It requires just as much creativity as writing a novel…or maybe even a bit more. Collecting the data or having some skill … Continue reading

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Knowing the Past Can Help You Now

Did you know that learning about and acknowledging the truth of your past lives can help you resolve current life issues? Sometimes small things (like a patch of eczema or a feeling of being choked when wearing cowl or turtle … Continue reading

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Independent and Best Selling

Being an indie author doesn’t mean you can’t become a best selling author. In fact, far more best selling books seem to be coming from the non-traditional publishers and authors then ever before. With so many books now available via … Continue reading

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