So disappointed…

cloud-atlasI really wanted to like it. I’d heard so much about it, and it sounded like just like my type of book—all about the intercomplexities of relationships and the connections we all share as we move from one life to another (sometimes referred to as past and future lives). Add to that the odd title, Cloud Atlas, which sounded decidedly fantasy-like or science fiction, and I just knew it had to be great.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t have been more wrong. After waiting for it to become available from the library (thank goodness I didn’t waste my money on a copy), I dove straight into the first chapter and landed with a crash.

The author used the literary device of writing as if in a journal for the first section. And while that could be considered clever and somewhat unique, it was instead, boring and lifeless. There was no character development; everything was flat and one dimensional. The author told us in short snippets about absurdly boring details of the day, but didn’t allow us to actually experience or feel these details. We were told that the journalist was hurt at someone’s attitude, or affronted, or embarrassed, but without the accompanying illustration as to why, the words meant little, and left me feeling uncaring as to what the journalist felt, saw, or did. When the section ended abruptly in the midst of the journalist’s sentence, I was relieved. It hadn’t been all that interesting, but I had forced myself to continue reading in the hopes that the writing style might improve, and that I might actually glimpse a bit of story buried within the dreck.

The next section wasn’t much improvement. Instead of a journal, we now had letters being written by some other person of no relation to any of those mentioned in the journal. These letters were sent to someone we don’t know and know nothing about, and there are no replies from this unknown recipient. It was like having a short story (a very boring short story) end abruptly, so we could start on a new short story with new characters, in a new locale, and in the midst of some drama that we are (as of yet) unfamiliar with. Toward the end of this tale, we finally get the connection to the journal: the letter writer has found the journal amidst several of the books and has decided to read it. (How wonderful for us.)

The next section was actually written without a device. Yet, unfortunately, the characters were still lacking any depth or interest, and seemed totally lifeless. I was not in the least upset that he was killed or that those same villains were now after her. The tempo and the plot of this short story were well done, but the characters were not. The best thing I can say for this section was that I finally found out that the name, Cloud Atlas, referred to a piece of classical-type music written by one of the characters in the letter writing section, and had nothing to do with some futuristic city, as I had thought.

With that question answered, I felt no obligation to continue reading any further. I had completed more than half the book, and had little desire to force myself to endure any more.

Will I watch the movie? I don’t know. Perhaps, this is one of those instances where the movie is actually better than the book. Legally Blonde was like that—the book was impossible, yet the movie is quick witted and well-acted. So, maybe I’ll at least give the movie a try…who knows, it may actually be good.


Coming Soon

I know I often write about my dreams, but that’s because dreams are important to our lives…and because I know a lot about dreams (hence, the book On dreams and dream symbols). But while this post is about another of my (bizarre) dreams, it’s also about a series of events of which the dream was just the latest.

brokenmirrorfrontThe dream was about me being trapped in a mirror, one of those large cheval-type mirrors. I could see a rather spacious bathroom, all done in black and white tile with an old-fashioned claw foot tub. This same scene was reflected behind me in the mirror world, but I needed to get out of the mirror world or I would be late (late for what, I’m not sure). Frantic, I began beating on the glass hoping someone would come and help me. Instead, the glass broke apart and landed in the tub and I stepped out of the mirror world and into the tub containing the broken glass.

About a month ago, I attended a milestone birthday party for a friend. Her husband had hired a tarot reader to entertain everyone and predict their futures. My friend thought it was a wonderful extravagance, and encouraged each of us to sit with this reader. Being the skeptic that I am—I can’t help it; having the abilities myself makes me aware of just how often psychics-for-hire are merely entertainers looking for a payday—I kept avoiding the tarot reader. Eventually, my friend goaded me into it and I finally sat down and let the lady do her schtick. While she may have been in it for the money, she had enough intuitiveness to get many things right.tarot cards

I’ve used tarot cards before, and I can do my own interpretations of the layouts, so I didn’t need to rely on the tarot reader’s interpretation; although, her interpretations and mine were pretty spot on. But overall, it just seemed like another step along a path that I had started in my teen years.

When I was 18, a friend wanted to learn about palmistry, so she asked her pals to make copies of their palm prints. She took those palm prints and, using several books that she either bought or borrowed from the library, she began to translate all the lines, loops, and breaks into a series of “predictions”. When she finished, she gave us each back a copy of our palm print with her notes. I read it through, and then filed it away and forgot about it.

That is, I forgot about it until all of these other events started up.

palmAccording to my girlfriend’s notes, my Fate Line shows a complete break between two decades of my life (this decade and the next, in fact). When the Fate line restarts, it starts as a V, with 2 distinct paths. One of those paths is short-lived, the other lasts for several more decades.

The tarot cards indicated a major life changing event occurring soon (although with tarot cards there is no way to easily define “soon”).

And the dream…well, the dream says that I’m trying to break away from my current world view and adopt a new world view. I’m facing (or will be soon) some inner or worldly issue that will require my strengthening or changing aspects of my character in order to survive. Seeing broken glass or mirrors means a change in my life, and I will find that a situation will come to an abrupt and untimely end. Meanwhile, escaping from the mirror world and into the real world bathroom/bathtub indicates a need and desire to escape from overwhelming issues and for self-renewal.

So, what’s coming? I don’t know. But it seems as if all the warning signs are there and they’re all saying the same thing: 

Danger! Life Altering Event Ahead!

Do I have any idea what kind of changes are in store? Not a clue…but if it’s a windfall (like a winning lottery ticket), I’m ready (and waiting).