Talking to God

Can we speak to God? Of course; and most of us do so, all of the time. Some call it prayer; others might call it just their own internal ramblings and dialogues; but each of us in our own way speaks to God.

So the real question is: does God speak back?

According to Buddha, each of us is a god, and so, each of us knows all. Therefore, each of us needs only to open our minds and hear our own (god’s) wisdom.

Science also says that within each of us is that spark of creation; that bit of energy that all creations of matter contain. And it is that bit of god-energy that also connects all things. (Pretty much what George Lucas in his Star Wars movie series elegantly described as The Force.)

The study of entanglement physics has shown that there are, in fact, connections between both animate and inanimate objects and creatures. It also has shown that a type of communication occurs between different species of animate creatures. This communication (according to entanglement physicists) can only be described as a type of invisible linking at the very basic levels (the energy levels) of each creature. These communications can alert a person’s pet to the moment of their master’s demise, even though the person was miles away at the time. It is also thought to be the link that allows humans to know when a loved one is in danger or has died.

This connection can link creatures, plants, and people—giving warnings or encouragement, or offering feelings of love or hostility. For instance, have you ever felt as if a forest was telling you to stay away? Perhaps it was. Just maybe the trees didn’t want you there, and so projected their energy as a barrier to your energy (the basis of what you are), which you then perceived as feelings of hostility or unwelcome. Or perhaps you see a bird flying overhead and it swoops down to land on your shoulder. Maybe that bird “felt” your intentions and knew that you meant it no harm. It trusted you, and so came down to say “hi”.

People receive “warnings” and messages all the time; however, not everyone knows how to interpret the signals that they perceive, and not everyone allows themselves to recognize that they are even receiving these signals. Many times people have received a feeling of impending doom and simply brushed it away. They might put it down to their understandable, yet negligible, fear of flying or traveling, but overall they don’t consider it worth thinking about. But just maybe that feeling is coming from the great connecting force of everyone who plans to be on that plane, and just maybe a decision has already been made to use that plane as a means to exit the physical world. The information, the warning, would go out to everyone as a way to keep those who don’t need or want to participate in this mass exodus from life, from boarding that plane.

But how many will listen? How many will acknowledge that voice of “god” and listen to the message. Will you open your heart and hear the warning, or will you prefer logic to feelings, and get on the plane, anyway?

Science is beginning to see the value of adding emotions and feelings into their equations. Oh, there are still branches that value pure logic, but more and more are we finding that if you want to study God, you need to incorporate feelings into the logic, because let’s face it—God (and religion) are based on emotions, not logic.

So, can we speak to God? Yes, of course. Can God speak to us? It depends on you and how you feel towards “God”.