By Any Other Name…

I got into a discussion the other day with someone who objected to the use of the words ‘guide’ and ‘guardian’ (as in guardian angels). When I asked why, they said that there were no guides or guardians only essence doing what essence does.

Several others in the group disagreed and the discussion flowed back and forth with some agreeing and others disagreeing. As for me, I can see his point, but I also think that he’s not seeing the fuller picture.

Are guides or guardians essence? Of course, we all are. But it doesn’t necessarily follow that the essence that comes to us as a guide is our own essence (our higher self). Other fragments of ourselves (fragments no longer incarnate) can be acting as guides, as can entity mates, or even cadre or cadence companions. All would be in essence (especially if discarnate and astral), but they would also be guides or guardians.

A programmer is a person (or at least most of the ones I know are;-), but we don’t identify them as ‘person’, we identify them as ‘programmer’. In other words, we’re identifying them with the role they fulfill. To me it’s the same with guides and guardians. They may be essence, but if they perform the ‘job’ or task of guide, then that’s what I call them.

A guide, while some part of essence (yours or someone else’s), is still performing a specific function—they’re guiding you, whether it is through a particular challenging passage of your life or through your transition between physical lives. After all, if some piece of essence is helping you, providing dreams or other feedback in an effort to “guide” you along your path, aren’t they acting as a guide?

Sure the piece of essence might be part of your essence, but then we usually refer to that as your “higher self”; or it might be a different fragment of you (a fragment no longer incarnate on Earth). However, it could just as easily be part of your non-reunited entity (an entity mate). They are all essence, just as you yourself are; but each piece of essence doesn’t function as a guide.

While certainly no expert—I’m not sure anyone who is incarnate—I have spent a considerable amount of time in the astral planes (and not just on the transitional planes where most people go when they astral travel). Therefore, I feel somewhat protective and defensive of the term “guide”. I’ve “seen” (or maybe experienced is a better word) some of the different “jobs” that those beings of essence perform while in their astral phase of life. 

Sure, some of the “lessons” or experiences of the astral are more internal—reviewing the lives and choices they had and made while incarnate, or reuniting with all the other fragments of themselves and working through any residual links or minor imbalances with those still in the physical (which is usually done in the astral while the incarnate person is sleeping). But part of the experiences of the astral include acting as a guide for those either still physical or those transitioning between life and death (physicality and non-physicality). There are also those who offer advice, and others who simply monitor things—people, plants, animals, etc. So, it isn’t all just playing harps and floating around on clouds. Nor can it be wrong to call some of those non-corporeal beings guides—after all, it is what they do.

It isn’t just those who are discarnate, either, who function as guides in essence. I have also taken on that task during some of my nightly sojourns, as have others I’ve spoken with in the here and now.

I know one young woman who works on the transitional planes assuring those who have recently died (physically) that they are alright and that what they are experiencing is physical death. I’ve known others who work with those heading back to a physical life, helping them sort out all the various choices available to them as they plan the tasks and imbalances they want to complete or rectify.

As for myself, I’m what I call an EOCG—Emergency On-Call Guide. I take those “calls” from folks who are incarnate and seeking support and guidance, as well as those who have, perhaps, traveled to the astral (whether during sleep or an unplanned OBE) and are now “lost”. (This in addition to my “duties” in helping people cross over.)

Most of those I take calls from are entity mates, but I have also responded to cadre and cadence companions. Why do I do this? Because I chose to. I’ve chosen to do this through the past 7 lives. It’s to help them as well as myself. I look at it as a type of “on-the-job-training”. After all, it gives me a chance to learn more about how everything and everyone fits together in the overall scheme of things, and it helps me decide what type(s) of “jobs” or “tasks” I will continue with once I transition off the physical plane for good.

So, even though some people may not like the term guide, or angels, or guardians, I find that the term is quite appropriate in describing what some parts of essence are doing.


Good or evil? How do we know?

Have you ever read in the paper or seen on the web or TV some news item and instantly determined (at least in your mind) who was the good guy and who was the evil one in the situation? We all make judgements about others, and sometimes with very little information. Few of us would even think to consider that someone’s actions may not be dictated by events in this lifetime, because rarely do any of us consider anything other than this reality, this here and now.

Yet, if we were to stop to consider what past encounters between the two might have occurred (in this reality or another), and what the repercussions of those interactions might have been or might still be, we might not be so quick to judge. For instance, in this reality a child is abducted, held hostage, and sexually abused. That’s wrong, right? And the man who did it is evil, and we all breathe a sigh of relief when he’s caught and punished. But what if 15 lifetimes ago he was the child who was abused and the abuser is the child in the current life. What if the current event we’re reading or hearing about is occurring simply as a way of rebalancing the energies around them, and as a spiritual lesson for the participants.

We’ve all heard the expression, “What goes around, comes around,” but have we really thought about what that means. Do we really understand the greater picture. Most people are too busy just striving to exist within the “one life”, the life on which all their energies are focused—this here, and this now. But if we could all just take a moment and try to see the bigger picture, the picture that includes all the previous nows (past lives), and all the probable nows (future lives) we might realize that many of the incidents we judge as good or evil are simply a small part of a larger play.

If you push me down, and then die before I can push you back, my reality and yours are now out of balance. I owe you a shove and some feelings of inadequacy and embarrassment. But maybe the next 7 lives are spent in different realities, different geographic places with too much distance between us to allow us to bring balance back to our realities. Comes life number 8 following the incident and we’re back in proximity to each other. Do we restore balance between us by having me shove you? Do we even know each other, or as strangers will I knock you down with all the same intentions that you had when you attacked me? Those are some of the choices we will have to make–maybe not on a conscious level, but in our souls we choose.

The longer we ignore the imbalance the stronger it attracts us and the “bigger” it becomes as an event in our lives. If we ignore it long enough, there will come a life where we cannot NOT do it. Balance must be re-established, so we have to rectify the imbalance by me shoving you with all the same anger and intensity that you used when you attacked me.

The “rule” holds true for everyone in every situation. Yet here we are judging people based on what we see right here and right now. While I’m not advocating an overthrow of man’s laws—we all need to live within the imposed structures of the reality we accept , including societal and familial rules—I am saying that all of us should be a little less judgmental in our own minds regarding things we know so little about.