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Shift Your Vibration and Have An OBE

Many people want to experience what it’s like to slip away from their physical form and see the world as a spiritual being. It’s what is referred to as having an out of body experience. Unfortunately, not everyone finds it … Continue reading

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Why Is There Such a Strong Connection Between Us?

Quora Question: Q: I’ve had many people die in my life but there is this one spirit who is always on my mind and lets me know he’s around. Is it possible to have a strong connection to spirit and … Continue reading

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Who Knows Who That Ottoman Is

“Oops, sorry…” I mutter to the ottoman I just stumbled over. The other people in the room glance at me as if I’m nuts, but that’s okay. I may be slightly off, but I’ve just as often wondered why other … Continue reading

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Give a Gift of Books

Another Valentine’s Day is approaching, and, as we all know, gifts are expected to be exchanged. Yes, it’s a manufactured holiday intended to boost jewelry and chocolate sales while making those without partners feel insecure and lacking. But there’s a … Continue reading

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What is Psychic Pain?

Quora Question:  What is psychic pain and how does it feel? The spiritual form doesn’t feel pain. However, when the spiritual form is harmed, it may soon appear in the physical world as some sort of pain. For instance, if … Continue reading

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