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What is a psychopomp?

Just what is a psychopomp, anyway? When I looked it up in the dictionary it said that the term psychopomp came from the Greek word psuchopompos, and literally means the “guide of souls”. That is such a lovely expression, don’t … Continue reading

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The true meaning of the word writer

They say to follow your dreams, and my dream is writing. However, the world’s perception of writing or authors is much different than the reality. You would think that with a title such as writer or author that your primary … Continue reading

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News Release for New Book

This is the news release I’ve sent out to several local newspapers. Don’t know if they’ll include it in their publications, but I’ve got my fingers crossed…every little bit of publicity is helpful. (Note the catch line at the end…Dale … Continue reading

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Help Wanted Ad

  There’s no dental or medical benefits, the hours aren’t great, but the commute is easy and the rewards are heavenly. So, would you take on the job if it were offered to you? Surprisingly, quite a few of us … Continue reading

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Coming Soon…

Hey folks, sorry I was gone so long, but I have been busy…busy writing, in fact. I’m almost done with a book that anyone who’s been reading my blog postings for the past 2.5 years will be sure to find … Continue reading

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