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Ready; set…Action!

I’VE BEEN PLAYING with making videos again. I know it’s a blatant blast to buy my book, but I think the overall video is cool, and the process was so simple. And it’s perfect for those folks with a short … Continue reading

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Just Wow!

WOW!!! AND I really really mean that; with extra exclamation points. I rarely get to say wow anymore over a book, but I’m saying “Wow!” to the nth degree for Richard Martini’s books. If you’ve ever wondered about what happens … Continue reading

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Trying Something New

WELL, I’M TRYING something new. I’ve started to record the spiritual readings that I do (at least those of a general nature), and posting them on my Youtube channel. I’m hoping that this will help me spread the information a … Continue reading

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It’s Real!

The afterlife is real, and those of us who have had NDEs (near-death experiences) know it…and some of us are even willing to talk about it. I wrote a book about my experiences. What happened, what I saw, what I … Continue reading

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Defining Me

If there was a defining moment in my life, it would have to be the summer of my brother’s first car accident. I say defining, because that was first time I let my family (specifically my mother) see me in … Continue reading

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I Know You’re Out There…

Have you ever associated a memory with a song so strongly that the moment you hear the song you’re back in that moment? I have. For me the song is I Know You’re Out There Somewhere, by the Moody Blues. This … Continue reading

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Ascending Spiral Book Review

Ascending Spiral by Bob Rich Summary: Dr. Pip Lipkin has lived for 12,000 years, incarnated many times as man, woman, and even as species beyond our world and senses. But he’s here for a reason: to pay restitution for an … Continue reading

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