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Is Goodreads Any Good?

I READ AN article the other day about an author and online book reviewer who ran amuck of each other on Goodreads. Evidently, the professional reviewer left a scathing review of the author’s work even though this reviewer had only … Continue reading

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How to Benefit From Writing Critiques

AS WRITERS WE love to get praise and (most likely) dislike getting critiques and criticism. However, this little video explains why critiques can help us improve if we use them the right way. Take a look:  Benefitting From Critiques  

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The Pros & Cons of Being an Independent Publisher

INDEPENDENT PUBLISHERS ARE AUTHORS acting as their own publishers. They take responsibility for the entire process from writing to publishing, to marketing and sales. Because of all they do, they also keep the biggest chunk of the rewards (anywhere from … Continue reading

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The Pros & Cons of Traditional Publishers

THE BIGGEST POSITIVE TO working with a traditional publishing company is the prestige. People still have the idea that having a traditionally published book is akin to winning an Oscar. Probably because it’s always been difficult to garner the attention … Continue reading

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It’s Real!

The afterlife is real, and those of us who have had NDEs (near-death experiences) know it…and some of us are even willing to talk about it. I wrote a book about my experiences. What happened, what I saw, what I … Continue reading

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Which Publishing Type is Right for You?

BOOK WRITING AND PUBLISHING has changed considerably since I began writing back in the 1960’s and 70’s. Back then, there were only vanity presses (now called self-publishing) and traditional publishers. Today, we’ve added independent publishers to the mix. So, how … Continue reading

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For Free or Not For Free, That’s the Question

Have you been contemplating offering your book for free? Are you thinking that if you  give away the first book in your series it will result in more readers, a higher ranking, or more reviews? Writer Derek Haines offers some … Continue reading

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