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Prioritizing My Life

Someone pointed me toward Covey Quadrant as a way to prioritize my own life and my own needs. While it’s an interesting concept, it seems more geared toward business and commerce. Facing some of the issues I am now, I would take … Continue reading

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What’s your label?

Labels, nick names, pet names, and icons—those small descriptions identifying someone’s perception of you, or the way in which you identify your perception of someone else  Okay, I can hear you all going, “Huh?” Did you ever meet someone and say to … Continue reading

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Every path is right; Every choice is right

There is no wrong or right path, because they all lead to the same destination—who and what you are right now. Some paths may be longer or shorter, but no matter the length, and no matter how many twists or … Continue reading

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Are you balanced?

Self-karma that’s what those imbalances that we create within ourselves are called. These can be anything to weight problems to addictions to prejudice, to racial hatred. Almost anything can become an imbalance within ourselves if we let it. A self-karma … Continue reading

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