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Live Your Best Life…

…Through Energy Manipulations and Life Readings Do you suffer from chronic, unexplained mental or emotional pain? Are you depressed? Do you repeat patterns of negative behavior? Do you attract the same types of people into your life? Do you feel blocked or stuck in … Continue reading

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Who Will Come for You?

All of us have an interest in what happens after we die. Even those who proclaim that nothing awaits us still secretly wonder if they’re right, or if there really is another world ‘out there’ somewhere. As someone who has … Continue reading

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Tas Readings — Available Now!

For over 40 years I’ve done life readings, dream interpretations, and auric healings and balancings for friends, relatives, and people recommended to me by my friends. Now, I’m finally offering those services to everyone. At Tas Readings I offer personal life … Continue reading

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Listening vs. Reading

TO CREATE AUDIO-BOOKS or not to create audio-books, that’s the question. (And my apologies to Shakespeare.) Audio-books, at least according to many publishers, authors, and book reviewers, are quite the rage lately, but they’re also quite costly to create (unless … Continue reading

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I Know You’re Out There…

Have you ever associated a memory with a song so strongly that the moment you hear the song you’re back in that moment? I have. For me the song is I Know You’re Out There Somewhere, by the Moody Blues. This … Continue reading

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