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Yes and No…Mostly eh

The Writer’s Mentor by Ian Jackman, Editor Scene and Structure by Jack M. Bickham Summary  Both books purport to offer advice and insights to help you improve your writing. Review While neither of these books was worth keeping, at least “The … Continue reading

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Do You Know About End-of-Life Experiences?

Seeing loved ones, angels, or other guides to the afterlife is a common occurrence for those who are dying. However, many living (and healthy) people find the concept ludicrous, frightening, or just plain fanciful. Yet, ask any hospice worker or … Continue reading

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Like him, but not so much the book

Keep Moving by Dick Van Dyke (and Todd Gold) Summary:  Beloved Hollywood icon Dick Van Dyke will celebrate his 90th birthday in December 2015. He’s an established legend, having starred in Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and The Dick … Continue reading

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