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Have you ever wanted to see and understand auras? All About Auras and its accompanying reference guide give you information, concepts, and step-by-step instructions to do just that.

Together, All About Auras and the All About Auras Reference Guide help you identify the seven personality filters that affect our perceptions and influence our actions. All About Auras can also help you identify the goals and lessons you have chosen for this particular lifetime, as well as help you identify past lives and how they have affected your perceptions and goals.

Using the award -winning All About Auras books, you can also learn to cleanse, balance, and realign your aura and chakras. You can learn to change your negatives to positives…and keep them there. The books also contain information on contacting guides or teachers on other planes, along with instructions on how to transcend pain by stepping outside of your physical body.


MOST OF US have heard of auras—the energy layers surrounding each of us. However, many people never think about them. Maybe it’s because most people can’t see, hear, taste, or feel auras, which automatically puts auras, and everything associated with them, in the realm of make-believe or pseudo-science.

However, someone’s inability to recognize the energies surrounding each of us isn’t because auras aren’t real, it’s because the person isn’t open to the experience. Not everyone is, and that’s okay.

But for anyone who is curious about auras and chakras and wants to learn about them from someone who does see and sense them, then this is the book for you.

As a sensitive and intuitive, I am quite open to what my aura and the auras of others have to say. That’s not to say I “hear” or “see” everything all the time. I have learned to push the information to the background, much as you might push the noise from a party you’re attending into the back of your awareness while you engage in a conversation.

But when I want to, I can become as aware of the information from my aura and the auras of those around me as I am of my hand or fingers.

Although I grew up sensing auras, anyone can learn to sense them. The key is to let go of the fear that prevents you from hearing what your aura is telling you. As you read this book, I will try to help you let go of those fears.

Auras are nothing to fear, nor is the information they contain. If you learn to listen to your aura, you would know what your body required in terms of nutritional input, you would be able to more easily stop those negative thought loops that echo through your mind all the time—you know the ones I mean…those “I’m no good at that, so I shouldn’t even try” types of mental loops.

By learning to listen your own energies, you would also be more aware of your intentions as you speak or act. (Are you really doing something because it’s the decent thing to do, or are you hoping someone will come over and give you a pat on the back for being so giving?)

You might find decisions are easier to make as you see the path of your life more clearly. You would also be able to see what past lives are affecting your current life, which would make it easier for you to avoid the same fears and traps that tripped you up before.

And once you get accustomed to reading or listening to your own aura, you could start looking at and listening to others’ auras. Just think how much calmer meetings could be if you could sense the intentions behind someone’s words and actions.

There is so much information in auras, and all of it is available to each of us, if we just take the time to look and listen.

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