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Where is Love?

Where has the romantic gone? How did she become lost? Where is the lonely little girl who constantly poured her soul Into a few choice words—laying bare her life, her heart, and her mind? I have searched everywhere, yet she … Continue reading

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Anyone for Pie?

The pie that is chocolate is missing a piece. The pie, which is chocolate, is missing a piece. Besides making you hungry, the two sentences have a lot in common; however, they also have some important but subtle differences. It’s … Continue reading

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4 Free Marketing Tools for Authors

Most authors are not sales people. We tend to be loners and introverts, rather than extroverts and life-of-the-party types. Because of this temperament, many of us find that selling our books doesn’t come easily. Yet, without a bit of marketing, … Continue reading

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You Need to Read to Write Well

Many well-known authors will admonish new authors and wannabe-authors to read, read, read. Yet, what many of them fail to make clear is why reading is so important. You’re not reading simply for the fun of it (although, that certainly … Continue reading

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It’s how we live; it’s how our realities are created; and it’s the name of the new 2-book set available from most online book retailers. I’ve combined my near death experiences and death escort experiences with the years of information … Continue reading

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Book Review, With Apologies

“Stone of Fire” by J.F. Penn Summary:  Forged in the fire and blood of martyrs, the Pentecost stones have been handed down through generations of Keepers who kept their power and locations secret. The Keepers are being murdered, the stones … Continue reading

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My Review of “Elephants Never Forgotten”

I had the privilege of reading “Elephants Never Forgotten” by Ellis Nelson and quite enjoyed it. In fact, my greatest disappointment in the book was that it ended too soon. I wanted more. The story flows around two young adults, … Continue reading

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