Interview with Bianca Gubalke

What a truly fascinating person. She has a very unique perspective on life, reincarnation, and the unity of all species.


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Today I welcome Bianca Gulbalke to talk about her book, Born With Wings: The ImmortalLife of Piu Piu. Bianca is an award-winning screenplay writer and artist, a passionate gardener, teacher and metaphysics student.

I recently finished her incredible work of visionary fiction. It’s one of those rare books that starts off immediately in the spiritual realm. From start to finish, this is visionary fiction at its finest and most bold. Swept up in the tale of incarnation, life, struggle, and purpose we follow the beautifully drawn characters as the author weaves a wonderful tale. An injured gosling and a little girl come together in lush and magical South Africa. There’s a call from ancestors and a drive for purpose, and danger’s never far away. It’s a captivating tale, a journey of emotions through life, death, and rebirth.

Thank you for joining me, Bianca!

B. GulbalkeWhat were your first glimmers…

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2 Responses to Interview with Bianca Gubalke

  1. A heart-felt THANK YOU for reposting Ellis’ Interview with me! We are kindred spirits . . . and yes, I also loved the BBC video “In my humble opinion…” (on dying), and was glad to be able to listen to it again, here. “Bring Dying Into the Light” – I couldn’t agree more! Much Light & Love to you!

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    • TA Sullivan says:

      Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog. I’m glad you enjoyed the video (again). I’m also grateful that Ellis brought your book to my attention, so I’m more than happy to help alert other potential readers to it.


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